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Xootr kick Scooter in 'Little Manhattan'

The New York City puppy love movie 'Little Manhattan':
The ride of choice is the finest kick scooter ever made, the Xootr kick scooter.

Gabe Burton (Josh Hutcherson) Kick-Scoots along the Upper West Side in New York City on his Xootr kick scooter in famous locations like the Central Park Boathouse, Strawberry Fields, Hayden Planetarium and a bunch of other places we hang out at ourselves weekly.

We have customers riding their kids to work on the Xootr kick scooter used in 'Little Manhattan' so we know for a fact there is enough room to bring a date along, i.e. Rosemary Telesco (Charlie Ray.)

The Xootr kick scooter

The Xootr is actually a high performance adult kick scooter - not one of those cheap, little Razor scooters you see everywhere - but will also provide great transportation for dating pups as in 'Little Manhattan.'

Come and test ride one in our shop on the Upper East side or click below to get one shipped to you today: