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Locks & Chains

Anyone who uses a folding bicycle or an electric bike in the city knows that keeping your bike secure is a challenge. Find locks and chains at NYCeWheels to meet that challenge and protect your bike from theft. The ABUS Bordo 6100 Folding Lock will mount anywhere on your bike. The Defender 2 Chain Lock is very light and measures 2.5 feet long. The Kryptonite New York Chain Lock - made especially for city security - is equipped with steel links that are virtually impossible to cut through. The combination cable lock is lightweight and a simple solution for quick stops. Anyone on a budget should be able to afford the Knox-U Lock with three keys and a weatherproof feature. No matter which lock you pick, you'll find a lock that's almost impossible for a thief to pick, pry or otherwise compromise.

Maybe you live in the mountains in Montana and you just want to lock your bike up to the local corner store? That's where the combination cable lock comes in handy. It's lightweight, and you don't have to carry any keys. Just don't trust this cable in Times Square.