Make an electric bicycle

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Make an electric bicycle

So, you want to make an electric bicycle?

Making an electric bike isn't as involved as you might think it is. There are a wide variety of electric bike kits out there that can be installed on your bike, thereby converting it into an electric bike. Here at NYCeWheels we carry two major brands with a variety of options within each. We know that these electric bike kits get the job done, are of the highest quality, and are built to last.

We carry the Bionx electric bike kit and the eZee electric bike kit. You can either custom order a Bionx kit or you can select from some of the more common set-ups like the Bionx PL250 or the Bionx PL350. Once you have your electric bike kit, it only takes a little time to get it installed. If you're uncomfortable with the process, we can install it for you here at the shop as well!

Why I want to make an electric bike

Before you proceed, you should ask yourself "Why do I want to make an electric bicycle?" Is it because you enjoy having a project? Because you already own the perfect bike and you just want to put on an electric motor wheel? Because you can't find what you're looking for in a pre-built electric bike? Or is it because you have specific ideas of what you want and need, and want to put them together into an electric bike? If it's the latter, what you're looking for might already exist. Take a moment to play with our electric bike selector and consider all of your options. If you don't find a suitable pre-built electric bicycle for your needs, you'll definitely want to make an electric bicycle with one of our electric bike kits. You can even custom build your Bionx from the ground up, selecting all of the options you want as you go along.

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