Traveling Light with a Micro White

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Traveling Light with a Micro White

Riding a Micro White Kick Scooter I was never a heavy traveler. One bag of clothes and a laptop is all I need for a trip. Keep everything light and simple. Although, having a nice set of wheels when I get to my destination would be awesome. I started running through the options: bicycle? Nah, too big. Folding bike? Okay that could work, but it doesn't exactly fit in my backpack. If I wanted the smallest, most convenient form of transportation, I would have to look toward kick scooters.

Adult Kick Scooters: Viable Commuters?

I have to admit, I'm a bike guy. Something about the pedals, the handlebars, nothing really comes close. However, a bicycle can really get in the way of a nice, easy vacation, especially with a lot of traveling. I found that an adult kick scooter is much quicker than walking, and much more convenient to carry than a bike.

One of the lightest adult kick scooters I got a chance to ride recently is the Micro kick scooter. The wheels are bigger than the standard toy scooter, and the deck is solid aluminum, making it much stronger. I could take this thing across rough roads, sidewalks, and asphalt without worrying about getting killed.

When I needed to go into a store, I could just flip the handlebar down and pop the whole scooter in my backpack. Ten pounds is hardly a burden when you consider how fast you can get from place to place. I must say, the Micro kick scooters are much tougher than they look. They also come in jet-black or snow-white, to suit whatever style you may have.

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