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Micro Adult Kick Scooters: Fun, Fast, Functional

Micro kick scooters are some of the coolest new adult kick scooters out there. These kick scooters are light, fast, and fun to ride. With the Micro you don't have to suffer with the slow bumpy ride of small wheel kick scooters, instead you can glide along on large 20 cm wheels with smooth hard rubber tires. Micros fold up in seconds and are portable, great for commuters and recreational riders too.

The Micro may seem similar to the Razor A5 at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals the performance kick scooter beneath the surface. Let's take a look at some of the features that make Micro adult kick scooters so great.

These adult kick scooters are packed with features

One of the coolest things about the Micro line of adult kick scooters is that they come packed with features. Have you ever heard of a kick scooter with a kick stand? Wouldn't that be so much better than dropping your kick scooter onto the floor every time you need to stop? The guys at Micro were really thinking of how to make this kick scooter more practical when they added the kick stand.

Another great thing about the Micro kick scooter is that you can collapse it down very small thanks to its collapsible handles. Like the Razor A5 you can pop out the handles by pressing in one of those pressure pin connectors. This is great for all the times you need to pack your kick scooter down really small for a locker or a duffel bag.

Micro kick scooters are quick yet stable

Because Micro kick scooters are more oriented towards performance they are built a bit differently than other kick scooters. The main difference is that Micros are low to the ground and have a longer wheel base. That means that your center of gravity is low which makes them more stable. A long wheel base means that you'll feel more connected to the board. Micros are also thinner than most kick scooters intended for adults. We decided to carry thinner adult kick scooters like the Micro because it gives more space for you to kick. Because of these differences in construction and dimensions Micro kick scooters are faster and more stable than many others.

Micro kick scooters are Swiss Designed

Another cool thing about Micro kick scooters is their unique hinge design. The combination of a latch and button system makes for a hinge that will never fold unintentionally and yet at the same time is very easy to collapse. The design of this kick scooter also makes it very light weigh without sacrificing a solid feeling when you ride.

So if you're looking for a great kick scooter that can perform on the same level as some of its more expensive competitors, the Micro adult kick scooter might just be for you. Take a look and get ready to have some fun!