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Micro Kick Scooter Review

Micro kick scooter foldedThere is no doubt that the burly KickPed and sleek CityKicker are among the most eye-catching and high-end adult scooters at NYCeWheels. They are also quite well known, and oftentimes customers who come into the shop with a scooter in mind are determined to make a choice between the two. However, there is an oft-overlooked third option when it comes to quality scooters--the Micro.

This affordable adult kick scooter deserves a lot more attention than its understated white (or black) paint job demands. At just over 10 pounds it is extremely light, and its short, narrow board keeps this scooter's silhouette nice and compact. In fact, unlike the KickPed and CityKicker, the Micro's handlebars collapse to the sides when folded, putting it on par with the Razor A5 Lux for the smallest folded package we sell when it comes to kick scooters.

A Comfortable, Fast Ride

What I really like about the Micro is its wheels, which strike a nice compromise between the super-thick, all-terrain wheels of the KickPed and the narrow speedster wheels on which the CityKicker rolls. The result is a comfortable ride that doesn't slow you down.

Riding the Micro push scooterAs a super-compact package, the Micro sports a smaller deck than most other scooters in the shop. This can be seen as either a pro or a con depending on what you are going for. If you are hoping to ride with a small child, look elsewhere--there's not much more room on the Micro for anymore than a single adult foot. On the other hand, the small platform contributes to the lightweight and highly store-able package. I did not find the lack of space to be cumbersome or hindering at all. Generally, when riding the Micro, I simply planted one foot with my toe at the base of the handlebar stem, with my trailing foot resting on tip-toe at the back of the deck while coasting. From this comfortable position it was easy to step on the highly effective fender brake if needed, and switching sides kept my legs from tiring out.

Easy to Fold, Safe to Ride

Miles holding Micro kick scooter

The Micro adult kick scooter utilizes one of the best folding mechanisms in the shop. Simple and easy-to-press metal buttons grace either side of the deck at the foot of the handlebar post. Holding the buttons down releases a hinge and allows the stem to swing down. Once parallel to the board, the scooter automatically locks into place with a satisfying click. The Micro also features safety catches that ensure the scooter does not accidentally collapse mid-ride.

The Micro is a versatile and portable kick scooter, combining speed, compactness, and comfort. Though it lacks the durability of some of its more expensive cousins, it makes up for it with its clever, feature-packed design and attractive price-point. No matter what you are using your scooter for--commuting to work, school, or just zipping to the grocery store--the Micro adult kick scooter will get you there and back without breaking your bank or your back.