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MiniMods X-Roller EZ Extender (6 Reviews)


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Product information "MiniMods X-Roller EZ Extender"
A nifty mod to make your L version Brompton roll just like it has a rack!

Want your bike to roll smooth without having a rack? This is the best tool to do it! The EZ Extender comes in black and silver, and extends the range of the rear rolling frame to help better balance the bike. No more wobbly Brompton!

Do not load weight over 30kg (or anybody) when extended, this will cause deformation or breakage of axis (For frame protection. X-Roller will bend first before Brompton frame ends break.) Do not drop your bike with the wheel set extended, this will cause deformation or breakage of axis.

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Rating 6
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(6 Reviews)
18 Feb 2019

Made things worse

Bought this along with the EZ wheels to use with an L type.
First of all, it took so much strength to pull out the extender that I had to pull out the wheels with my hands really hard just to get it to work. Also, the bike now tilts to the right that the handlebar grips now hit the floor. Of course, if I extend the EZ wheels it gets better, but the front wheel of the bike is lifted a bit making the it less stable than expected. It seems that it’s due to the added height of both the extender and the wheel (it was also wobbly with just the EZ wheels and no extender), essentialy making the front wheel useless by being lifted in the air, only to make it more unstable.

I’m thinking perhaps if I use a smaller axle hook, that might enable to front wheel to reach the ground, giving it some sort of contact point on the right side, though that’s adding to an already costly solution with no guarantee that it would fix it.

I’m really disappointed in this, as I would probably return this if I didn’t already try to install it. Pity since it looks great on paper, but didn’t work for me. Wasted so much money for nothing.

Would be great if anybody has some solution to this.

5 Nov 2017

Works as advertised.

I purchased and installed the X-Roller EZ Extender to stabilize my M6R and S6R Brompton bicycles, which had a tendency to wobble. The extra axle width noticeably reduces the tendency to tip when the bike is rolled while folded.

2 Nov 2017

A must have!

This roller is a must have if you've been having trouble with balance in a folded Brompton. Although it was design for those without the rack. it works just as well with the rack, as I have done. It very helpful especially if you take the train.

3 Sep 2017

No installation instructions?

One would think that some might be included!

8 Jul 2017

Great item

Great item

8 May 2017


I ordered 3 items for my Brompton, & there was an error in my shipping that resulted in shipments. I talked to Janea (sp?) who immediately corrected the & was super helpful. I will be ordering a couple more items later with confidence all things will be good. Thank you NYCE Wheels for great customer service.


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