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MKS EZY Quick release pedals Promenade Style

MKS EZY Quick release pedals Promenade Style (4 Reviews)



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Product information "MKS EZY Quick release pedals Promenade Style"
How about a nice performance upgrade for your folding bicycle? How about if it can fold smaller at the same time? These MKS Ezy Quick Release pedals are designed for just that. Improve your ride and get a more compact fold at the same time with MKS Ezy removable bicycle pedals.

You'll find these pedals much more enjoyable than the standard folding pedals found on many folding bikes. They do not flex, shake, or rattle and so they offer a much better experience than most folding pedals. Plus they allow your bicycle fold even smaller - especially if your bike only has non-folding pedals at the moment!

How do they work? It's easy! You just remove whatever pedals are already on your bike, screw the little cylindrical ends of the MKS pedals on in their place, and pop the pedals into the cylinders! The release mechanism is spring loaded so you actually have to grab it and push back towards the crank arm for the pedals to release. As an extra safety, there are little yellow plastic rings that immobilize the release mechanism so there is no way these will come off while you're riding.

MKS is a quality pedal manufacturer with a long history of durable products and well thought out designs. There is no better removable pedal on the market.

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Rating 4
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(4 Reviews)
16 Jul 2017

MKS Promenade removable pedals

Should be able to use both sides of the pedal. Not a good design for a this expensive bike

29 Jun 2017

Awesome pedals

These pedals are a fantastic upgrade from the brompton original pedals.

28 Mar 2017

Removable pedals

Excellent product

23 Feb 2016

Quick release pedals.

Very happy with order,delivery, and use.


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