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MKS FD7 folding pedals

MKS FD7 folding pedals (12 Reviews)



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The MKS FD 7 Pedal has a unique push-button folding mechanism that is easy to use and provides... more


Product information "MKS FD7 folding pedals"
MKS FD 7 folding pedals (pair)Top quality folding pedal for folding bikes or regular bikes for easier storage.

The MKS FD 7 Pedal has a unique push-button folding mechanism that is easy to use and provides a solid platform. MKS Japan has been making the best quality folding pedals for many years, the FD-7 folding pedal is probably the best folding pedal on the market. We highly recommend them for anyone who wants a stiff, quality pedal, that still folds up. This is one of the best ways to improve the ride on any folding bike.

Advantages of MKS FD-7 folding pedals

  1. They do not flex as much - uses your muscle power better.
  2. They don't have play - that back and forth feeling when you touch or move the pedal
  3. They are easy to fold - just push one button and done

This is a set, including both a left hand and a right hand pedal.

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