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Dahon Mu Uno: Fast, Fun, Feather Light

The Dahon Mu Uno is a really cool folding bike. It is very slick and simple with no cables to clutter its clean lines. This is a single speed folding bike so it is very easy to ride without thinking about shifting gears. It also replies primarily on a coaster brake for stopping power. There is an optional hand brake but I found this to take away from some of the fun of the simple design. But I suppose it is important to have the hand brake for safety.

The Mu Uno is a simple and fun folding bike

What I really enjoyed about riding the Mu Uno was that it forced me to focus on the ride rather than the bike. With such a straight forward folding bike there is very little to worry about and I could just cruise along watching the scenery. I think riding single speed bicycles in general tends to be very relaxing because they are so simple.

There could be some debate whether the Mu Uno would -be so great on long distance rides, one speed might be a bit tough on hills, but it's not really a distance folding bike after all. This folding bike is meant to be pure fun, just simple and easy to ride with nothing to worry about except getting from here to there and being happy while you do it.

A lightweight folding bike!

I also really liked that the Mu Uno folding bike was so light weight. Picking this bike up and carrying it up a few flights of stairs would be no problem. At only 22 lbs you're getting quite the value for your money. Most lightweight folding bikes that weight close to 20 lbs are in the $1000 range and up. In my mind this makes the Dahon Mu Uno folding bike perfect for riders who want a very portable and simple to operate bicycle.

All in all the Mu Uno was a really fun folding bike. I found my self laughing aloud and playing with the bike as if I was a little kid again. This single speed folding bike was really a pleasure to ride.