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Mudguard stay set incl roller + fittings - Rear - L version (Steel) , QMGSRSET

Mudguard stay set incl roller + fittings - Rear - L version (Steel) , QMGSRSET (1 Reviews)


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Product information "Mudguard stay set incl roller + fittings - Rear - L version (Steel) , QMGSRSET"
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(1 Reviews)
28 Jun 2018


Let my experience serve as a warning to others.
I have blown through two Brompton racks in 2 years; the stays keep snapping off. I figured I would give the fender with the little wheel on it a try as there appears to be fewer things to break.
The little wheel didn't roll. When it was pressed together in the factory it was pressed so tightly it literally is unable to spin.
You have to mount the little stay things to the fender by hand. It's super hard to get the little nuts and machine screws tight enough because of the small size of the wheel. It's a four-hand job. I had to enlist my teenage daughter in the effort (you can imagine how that went). Not enough room to get a wrench on the little nuts because they are almost inside the little housing for the wheel. While test rolling the bike around in its folded up shape everything rattled loose and the wheel-which-does-not-roll vibrated off.
So, screw the whole mess.
Stick with the rack even if you can't trust it to stay together.
And Brompton... I am embarrassed for you. What sets this brand apart it is the ability to roll the bike about when it is folded up. This fender set up suggests the company decided to not cross the finish line despite standing on top of it.
You know, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
And what not.
Save your money. Do not buy this set up.


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