NOV Designs - The Lightest Mods for your Brompton

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NOV Designs - The Lightest Mods for your Brompton

There's a better way to customize, modify and upgrade your Brompton folding bike with super stylish modifications. Check out the selection of NOV Designs high-end modifications for Brompton bikes available at NYCeWheels. A custom shop based in Korea, NOV Designs produces modifications that are exceptionally detailed and notably lightweight. Lighten the lower end of your Brompton folding bike with light aluminum or titanium NOV Easy Wheels, or enhance the compact qualities of your bike for air travel with the NOV Pedal Holder for MKS to make the bike fit overhead bins. Check out the selection of hooks, front hub washers, chainstay guards, handlebar catches, carbon pulleys, chain tensioner adapters, frame clips, racing shocks and much more. Some of these mods are functional, and others just plain stylish. But they're all worth a look at NYCeWheels.

Who is NOV Designs?

NOV Designs is a custom CNC shop based in Seoul, Korea. This company is producing some of the most exciting and innovative modifications for Bromptons available. Not only is their attention to detail superb, the way they push the envelope with all kinds of new and different mods is very impressive. I'm not sure if they sleep or whether they stay up all night every night dreaming up the next thing we will go all sparkley-eyed over!

Why NOV and not some other brand?

We found parts by NOV Design to have some of the best attention to detail of any manufacturer. We also found them to be extremely lightweight. When you're modifying your Brompton and you want the best - NOV Design is the way to go.

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