NOV Easy Wheel Mount for L-Type (Black)

NOV Easy Wheel Mount for L-Type (Black) (1 Reviews)

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We were so excited to see this little bit of customization. With this NOV Designs piece you can... more


Product information "NOV Easy Wheel Mount for L-Type (Black)"
Another awesome NOV invention allowing you to mount 2 eazy wheels in place of the little roller wheel on your back fender. That way you get the stablity of an R-type Brompton with the looks of an L-type! Compatible with front eazy wheel bolts only.

We were so excited to see this little bit of customization. With this NOV Designs piece you can replace the little wheel on the rear fender of L-type Bromptons with 2 eazy wheels! Now your Brompton rolls and folds with the same ease as an R-type Brompton. All it takes is adding those 2 little wheels!

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(1 Reviews)
10 Sep 2016

Big improvement over the standard wheel!

I purchased this along with a pair of Brompton Eazy Wheels ($10 each; not as fancy as NOV's wheels but much more cost-effective). You will also need two M6 bolts to mount the wheels if you don't already have those. There were no installation instructions, although it's straightforward. I started by removing just one of the original bolts, rotating the little wheel out of the way, and securing the NOV wheel mount with one bolt. Don't tighten it too much yet. Then I removed the second original bolt, etc. I was able to do the installation without removing the rear tire, although it was tricky holding the little nut in place.

The bike does tend to tip to the right when folded. You can offset the wheels to the right to counter this, but it's not completely effective because the fender stays flex, so the left front roller tends to lift off the ground. But if you apply just a little downward pressure on the saddle while pushing you can can keep the front roller flat on the ground and get a nice smooth roll.


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