Nov 2002 Birthday Party!

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Nov 2002 Birthday Party!

...Finally, our first newsletter...everything about Personal ELECTRIC vehicles!

It's time to party
...The first E-Party we've ever heard grub & beer...and!

Legalize it
...and make NYC so much better...

Winter Riding smart or stay home...

Calendar what's up or let us know what you're doing...

Thank you for making us
the E-Leader of America!

Welcome to NYCEwheels' first Newsletter! We've been collecting your emails for some time, and as we always promised, we'd let you know when something exciting was coming up . . . well, it so happens this first newsletter coincides with our 1st year in business celebration! We have a lot to celebrate, too! This year, NYCEwheels put hundreds of personal electric vehicles (PEVs) on the streets of America, many right here in New York City. Every PEV driver means one less car on the road or one less commuter stuffed in the subway. HOORAY!! We exhibited at several festivals to help spread the word about PEVs. Hooray!! We donated several scooters to local charities and schools - again, getting PEVs out there. Hooray!!

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Party time!!

To show our appreciation to you for helping make us the leading E-Dealer in the country and to celebrate all of our accomplishments over our first year, NYCEwheels is having a BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Hooray!! Come and celebrate our first year in business! We're hosting a reception in the shop and would love to treat any of you to a beer and some of our tasty home made treats - we all cook. Plug in, relax and recharge. Added feature: the Gallery of graphic Arts, our next door neighbor, is having an opening that night, entitled "Bridges." when: Tuesday, November 12, at 7:00pm where: the shop - 1603 York Avenue

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Legalize Electric Scooters in New York!

The fight to legalize electric scooters in New York City is underway - although there is nothing concrete to report at the moment, we felt very encouraged at a recent meeting of the Tour de Sol New York organizing committee where several NY State DOT and DMV people attending seemed to all be on the electric transport bandwagon. We really think it is a matter of getting the folks in Albany to understand the difference between dangerous and polluting gassers and our safer, eco-friendly electrics. The NY Post helped us out a bit by printing a scary article about gas powered scooters - we just hope that electrics don't get lumped in the mix. For this reason, I encourage all of you to draft a letter to the editor regarding the need to differentiate between electrics and gassers.

Winter Riding Tips

Big question we all face (at least we should) commute by PEV or take out the . . . car. C'mon now, can you bundle up and manage for the 20 - 30 minutes your commute may take?! SURE! Just follow these guidelines and you'll have no trouble at all!

1. STAY WARM -- Multiple layers with at least one of them WIND PROOF. Gloves are a necessity.

Wear a full face helmet, it will protect your ears and most of your face from the cold, not to mention the obvious reasons why! Goggles or sunglasses will help keep your eyes from tearing (and your tears from freezing!).

2. BE SMART - Snow higher than your tires? Visibility poor? Freezing rain and hail an issue? Stay home or take the bus. If you would ride your bicycle out there it is probably OK to take out your PEV, but like any other vehicle with wheels in the snow or on the ice: go slow, easy on the brakes, no sudden movements. And in the worst-case scenario? Tuck and roll. ;)

3. PLAN YOUR TRIP - Extreme temperatures effect battery performance. Plan on losing up to 30% of your regular range when temps dip below freezing.

Calendar of events:

If you have any events you would like posted on the NYCEwheels Calendar, please email them to [email protected] Thanks!!

November 12, 2002 - NYCEwheels Birthday Party: Plug-in, relax and recharge at the shop. Food and beverages will be served. 1603 York Avenue, NY, NY, 10028, 212-737-3078. 7pm - keg runs dry

November 14 and 15, 2002 - Energy in Schools Conference, Albany, NY. NYCEwheels will be exhibiting there so drop by and say Hi!  Details.

December 13 - 15, 2002 - The Electric Vehicles Association of America's Electric Transportation Industry Conference, Hollywood Beach, Florida. There will be all sorts of cool stuff in the Exhibition Hall, plus many workshops about Battery Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.  Details.