NYCeWheels Service Policy

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NYCeWheels Service Policy

Fixing electric bikes is no walk in the park, especially if you've only got one electrically-trained mechanic. We often find ourselves up to our necks in battery testers, soldering irons, and voltage controllers before we can determine the problem, and there are many instances where we must order parts before we can return a bike to you. Therefore, we've laid out this set of guidelines so you understand which bikes we are able to work on, and which ones give us headaches.

Our Customers Come First

This goes without saying. Anyone who purchased a bike from us gets top priority. We'll do whatever it takes to get you back on the road. You're from out of state you say? No problem. Let us work with a local bike shop. Electric bikes are tricky, and we're the experts. Drop it off with us for a few days and let us really examine everything.

"But I can't live without my bike! Not even for one day!" We know. Life is brutal without wheels. Luckily, we have loaners for all of our Brompton and Xootr customers. For a repair or tune up that we can get done quickly, you're welcome to keep on riding on one of our loaners. Just be sure to take care of it so the next rider can use it.

Non-Customers That Have Our Bikes

Let's say you found this awesome electric bike on the internet, rode it for a while, and now it needs a tune up. You found us on the web, and decided to drop in with your bike. We have to work on it right? I mean, we have all the parts.

Well, technically no. Even if we have the bike in our store, we don't work on bikes that weren't purchased here. There are many reasons for this policy, but the main one is our mechanic's sanity. He's already repairing twenty electric bikes a day in the summer. Can you imagine how long you'd have to wait if we decided to just fix any old bike?

When you buy an electric bike, you begin a long relationship with your dealer that sometimes results in group bike rides, small parties at the shop, Swiss Chocolate, and wine. At least those are the kinds of things we see at our shop. You should let your original dealer help with service, since they can help with warranty, parts, and any other sorts of social stimulation.

What's an Electric Bike? Don't You Guys Do Regular Tune Ups?

Why yes, in fact we do. If you have a mountain bike or a road bike, we will do a full tune-up. This includes derailleur and brake adjustments, bolt tightening, spoke tightening, chain and pulley lubrication, and tire inflation. It's all or nothing. Why? Well we want to cover every possible problem area. If you just want a seat adjusted, and your handlebars fall off afterward, we don't want to be responsible because we're still holding the wrench. Let us inspect the bike entirely, and make sure the whole thing is safe to ride, not just part of it. Traditional bike shops in the area might do partial repairs, feel free to check them out.

In the busy season (April to September), we tend to have a very long wait with our own customers. If you're not in a hurry to get a regular tune-up, that's fine with us. If you're a daily commuter, you might have better luck looking for a traditional bike shop for service.