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OHM Electric Bikes: Tough As Nails

There's a wide variety of electric bikes to choose from at NYCeWheels. There are lightweight folding electric bikes, easy step-through cruiser bikes, and tough city bikes built for every day commuters. In the Big Apple, most people are using these bikes to get to and from work, so they want something comfortable, compact, and easy to use. The electric bikes provide an assistance on big hills and long rides, when it's too exhausting to keep pedaling.

Occasionally, we talk to avid mountain bike riders that are getting older and losing some of the energy they used to have when they were younger. For them, a step-through cruiser or fold-up bike is not going to handle the rough mountain trails. They need a bike with full suspension, strong brakes, and a solid frame. Fortunately, there are electric bikes that fit this bill as well. They're made by OHM Cycles, and have lightweight frames and smooth electric-assist motors. They're definitely the best bikes for a rugged mountain trail.

OHM Urban: Built Like a Tank

The OHM Urban XU700 is one tough electric bike. It has a 51 pound mountain bike frame, complete with disc brakes and 27 speeds. Though the Urban model has more of an upright position, comes with a rack and fenders, and is designed for commuting, this bike can handle some rough terrain. The wide Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires grip really well on dirt roads, and have a Kevlar lining to protect against any sharp objects. The front fork suspension and seat post suspension ensure that the ride will be cushioned, even over big potholes and uneven riding.

Even before the electric system, the OHM Urban is a great bike for mountain riding. The battery can even be removed from the center of the frame, to trim some weight. With 27 speeds, this bike is versatile enough to climb any hill.

OHM Sport: High-Performance Machine

The best bike in the OHM line is the OHM Sport XS750. Building upon the amazing specs of the OHM Urban, the Sport adds much more suspension, hydraulics to the disc brakes, and upgraded shifters, pedals, and seat. The ultimate electric mountain bike, the OHM Sport has better stopping power, a more cushioned ride, and more comfort for the rough trails.

Although the mechanical parts on both OHM electric bikes are amazing, the best part about the bikes is the electric system. Built with the BionX electric motor kit, these bikes are designed to be smooth, responsive, and powerful.

OHM Electric Bike Motor

The best part about the electric bike kit on OHM electric bikes is the four levels of pedal assistance. Ranging from 25% to 200%, this pedal-assist allows the rider to select how much motor assistance they'd like to have. If the top level isn't enough, a thumb throttle can be pressed to accelerate the bike to top speed, overriding the pedal-assist. This combination is unique, and not found on many other electric bikes.

On a downhill, when the brake lever is pressed, the OHM electric bike will actually regenerate battery life. This can extend the battery life from 25 miles up to 40 miles! On a long downhill, the controller can be set to "regenerative mode," which will provide resistance to the rider's pedaling, like an exercise bike. This will also charge the battery.

Built in lights on the front and rear of the bike are also powered off of the battery, They can be turned on and off by a button on the handlebars. It's a great feature if it starts to get dark, just switch on the lights without stopping.

The best electric system, combined with the best components, make the OHM electric bikes some of the best electric bikes on the market right now. They'll handle practically any terrain and any style of riding. Get yourself the toughest electric bike. Get an OHM.