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Get the most out of your electric bike, folding bike or scooter with replacement parts and accessories available at NYCeWheels. Whether you are looking to add on to and upgrade your bike to make it more fun, efficient or stylish, or you simply need to replace a part, NYCeWheels has a large inventory to assist you.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (OEM) have been designed by the manufacturer to be compatible with your scooter, folding bike or electric bike. That holds true for parts made by Brompton, Tern. Bulls, Stromer, Dahon  and many other brands. Find original replacement parts for the BionX electric bicycle conversion kit, like batteries, chargers, consoles, motors and wiring. NYCeWheels sells parts for Brompton Folding Bicycles whether you need to replace a part or just want to stock up with a spare, just in case. NYCeWheels even sells some hard to find replacement parts and accessories, like those for the eBike that is no longer in production.

Accessorizing your bike or scooter can be a lot more fun than searching for replacement parts, because now instead of talking about something you need, we're dealing with something you might just want. And many riders are going to want things like front and rear battery-powered lights, bicycle baskets for either the front (for groceries or small pets) or the back (for cargo for longer trips), trunk bags and handlebar bags, upgraded fenders for foul weather or simply a neater look, mirrors, upgraded and more comfortable seats, protective gear and a whole lot more.

It is always a good idea to stock up on fresh replacement batteries for your electric bike or scooter. You can find batteries, tubes, tires and a series of other generic parts standard for any bike or scooter at NYCeWheels.

If you ride a bicycle a lot, chances are you'll eventually need some replacement parts. We stock Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts for all of the electric bikes, folding bikes, and scooters in our store. We also have a number of generic replacement parts like inner tubes, batteries, and drive belts available to get you back on the road.

If your bike or scooter is running fine, and you just want to get some accessories, we stock lights, fenders, locks, baskets, and bags. Anything you need for the road you can find in this section.