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Battery Charger for electric scooters and bikes

Chargers are one of the most vital parts of an electric bike or electric scooter. You can find a large selection of battery chargers for bikes and scooters at NYCeWheels, whether you are in the market for an economy charger or a top-of-the-line charger. An example of the kind of high-end charger available is the High Power (HP) Lithium charger designed for eZeebike 36 Volt Lithium polymer batteries, which includes a cooling fan and aluminum casing. To charge Advanced Energy 36 volt Lithium batteries, choose the Lithium Polymer battery charger. The Car (Lighter Socket) charger for 24V enables you to charge your electric scooter or bike using a standard utility socket in a car or boat. Also available are chargers that will charge a combination of lead acid batteries in an electric scooter or bicycle.

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Blix Charger
Blix Charger