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Replacement Parts (OEM)

Original replacement parts (OEM) for electric bikes and scooters, as well as folding bicycles, are available at NYCeWheels. Made and delivered direct from the manufacturer, these parts are targeted to work with specific models of bikes and scooters, whether you ride a Brompton, Dahon, Xootr, BionX, Giant, GoPED, eZeeBike or another brand. Stromer Parts and Accessories include the CityKit for installing a rack and fenders, batteries, battery chargers, motors and Stromer charger pigtail to connect a battery directly to the charger when it's outside of the Stromer. EcoReco Electric Scooter Parts include the EcoReco Carry Bag custom-made for EcoReco M3/M5 scooters and the OEM EcoReco Charger, the only charger recommended for use with the EcoReco Battery. Accessories for Reach folding bikes, including Reach Road Racing, Reach Trail and Reach City bikes, are also available among the OEM parts in stock at NYCeWheels.