Philadelphia: Electric Bikes In the City of Brotherly Love

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Philadelphia: Electric Bikes In the City of Brotherly Love

Growing up my whole life in Pennsylvania, I always figured I'd end up in Philly. It's just got that history, you know? The cobblestones, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, cheesesteaks. It's a quaint east coast city that isn't quite as big as New York, yet still has enough going on to foster a nice urban lifestyle.

After spending a few years in New York, it's nice to travel back to Philadelphia once or twice a year to visit friends and family, or take a trip to the Art Museum or the occasionally Phillies game. It's like a smaller version of the Big Apple. Though I was used to traversing the city by subway (child's play compared to New York's intricate system), I was curious how accommodating Philadelphia would be to an electric bicycle.

Philadelphia Electric Bike Riding

Riding an electric bike through any city is fantastic. For one, it's much quicker than driving. You zip right alongside traffic in the bike lane during rush hour while everyone else is stuck waiting in their cars. In New York City, bicycle lanes spiderweb out to all five boroughs. You can ride almost anywhere safely on an electric bike. In Philadelphia, it is a similar situation on a smaller scale. You can take a cruise around Fairmount Park, and then scoot down to Pat's to pick up a cheesesteak (or Geno's, if you're one of those people). Bike lanes cover almost every major road through the city, so riding an electric bike is a breeze.

Unlike New York, Philadelphia streets tend to be pretty well taken care of. I didn't find as many potholes, construction sites, or crazy taxi drivers when I cruised down South Street. Even the historical district, with rough cobblestones, wasn't too bad on my tires. On my electric bike, it nice to know I could spend a few hours in North Philadelphia visiting the Art Museum, and then zip downtown in enough time to catch the Phillies in the same day. I was told to give myself an hour on the subway for that trip. My electric bike did it in thirty minutes.

Best Electric Bike For Philadelphia

So after riding around Philadelphia for a few days, I'm happy to say my electric Brompton folding bike fared just fine. As a New York resident, the electric folding bike is my preferred ride just for the sheer convenience of storage and traveling. Just throw it in the trunk of your car and you're off!

However, as I soon found out, an electric folding bicycle isn't abolutely necessary in the wide bike lanes of Philadelphia. In fact, a tough urban commuter bike like the eZee Forza electric bike would be just fine.

Like New York, Philadelphia is a relatively flat city. However if you travel a bit to the Appalachain Mountains, the hills can be daunting. A powerful electric bike like the OHM electric bike is ideal for tackling either urban or mountain environments.