The NYCeWheels Best Value Guarantee

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The NYCeWheels Best Value Guarantee

Our Best Value Guarantee ensures that you compare apples to apples in the online retail world while ensuring you receive the service you deserve.

NYCeWheels will consider matching the price of any competitor who provides the same product with the same services we do, listed below.

Incidentally, these are also good questions to ask before purchasing from anywhere else. However, this is in no way a guarantee that we will unconditionally match the price of a competitor selling at a price that would put us out of business.

  1. The product you're comparing can not be a "Closeout" or "Clearance" item. We only sell new bikes, undamaged, which we believe keep their value.
  2. Is there a person who picks up the phone to provide expert advice to help you with your purchase? Our staff has extensive knowledge of all products we offer.
  3. Do they have a contact form to inquire via email about products and services? We do, and if you contact us we guarantee you'll receive a reply within a few hours or 1 business day at the most.
  4. Prior to shipping, will your purchase get a full hour of attention as it is fully inspected, tuned, and tested for perfection? Needless to say, we provide this service to you because we want you to have a great experience.
  5. Is your purchase repackaged with extra packing material to ensure it arrives in pristine condition, ready to enjoy? Just like the tune up, this is something we take great pride in.
  6. Does the retailer has an extensive wealth of detailed pictures, product reviews, video reviews, and other content to help in your research of your purchase? We want our customers to be sure they are getting the right product and so we invest a lot of time and money into producing this content for you.
  7. Does the retailer provide extensive after sales support through Quick Start Guides and Troubleshooting Resources to ensure you never miss a day of riding? Just like the tune up and repackaging, this is something NYCeWheels is excited to offer you as a service.

The reasoning behind our Best Value Guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our customers and as a result we put in quite a bit more work than most outfits. If you see a super low price or a big discount on a product somewhere else online chances are you're dealing with people who will take your money do as little for you as possible. Most times they will press 1 button to have label slapped on a box in some remote warehouse. The box leaves without any inspection and arrives at your door. From then on it's just 'your problem.' Those are the type of retailers who don't pick up the phone, who can't explain how to use your product, and who can't help you out if something goes wrong.

By cutting all the costs associated with actually supporting their customers these types of 'hands off' retailers are able to offer a reduced price. We feel providing superior service to you is extremely important. If we matched prices with these 'hands off' retailers we would not have the profit margin to provide you with the service you deserve.

Internet and Retail shop pricing

Are you're wondering why there are sometimes different prices for internet orders vs our retail store? Well, glad you asked!

We try to make it fair and offer the best deal to you. Shopping online is different from shopping in a store and the pricing is different because of this. Here's the difference:

Internet pricing:
Some items purchased online are shipped to you directly from the warehouse of the manufacturer or distributor to cut out the middle man and give you the lowest possible price. This is called 'drop shipping'. We feel some items should not be drop shipped because repacking, pre-assembly, testing/repair or tuning should be done to ensure the safety and quality of the product. These items will be shipped from our shop to you.

Retail Store pricing:
We do not sell product in the box, every electric bike, folding bike and scooter that leaves our shop in NYC has been assembled by one of our experienced technicians to insure trouble free ownership of your new shiny ride. Because of this the labor cost of the tune up and the cost of shipping the product to our shop is built into the retail price. Also built in are smiles, music and the occasional party for our local customers.

In most cases, if you figure in the cost of assembly and the cost of shipping will get you to the same cost as if you would be ordering online. For this reason many items are actually less expensive in the shop.