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The first paragraph will have 4 to 6 lines. The key words (the model name and manufacturer, i.e. 'eZee Cadence') will be mentioned in the first sentence. This paragraph should communicate reasons why a customer would want this model specifically, versus other models. Don't focus on trivial aspects of the model. Use Strong tags whenever the manufacturer or product is mentioned

Alt text here - use keyword Highlight three or four features, using keywords i.e. 'eZee Cadence features':

  • Most notable feature first
  • Another noteworthy feature
  • Another noteworthy feature
The second paragraph should have 3 or 4 lines about the bike in general. For example, if it's an eZee bike it can be about the batteries. If it's a Bromton, it can be about how the Bromptons fold. It's information specific to that manufacturer's bikes, but not the specific model. Don't forget strong tags.

The third paragraph, if necessary, will just highlight some of this specific model's secondary specs that might be of interest, like low-maintenance and simple shifting, for example. Three lines at most. If available, put a small video to the left of this paragraph in place of an image.

2 or 3 lines noting specific applications of this model. What kind of customer would be interested in this model, and what would they use it for? Commuting? Cruising? Use words like 'you' and 'because.'

Manufacturer's Warranty (using manufacturer name as keyword in link.)

Additional notes:

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Only optimized pictures (use "photoshop save for web" feature - save 700 pix wide) no more than 150k in size

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Use youtube video IDs (Ms-jmDvU24Y&hl) in this field to automatically load related videos)

Tab 5 (Documents)
Upload relevant pdf files to Yahoo store (in Files section) and list the URL here. Owner's manual, service manual, etc. See Dahon bikes for examples)

Tab 6 (Accessories)
(Include all accessories appropriate for this bike or scooter that the customer might be interested in. Make sure each accessory page has a good abstract.

Tab 7 (Reviews)
(Put reviews in here. People like to see what others have to say, want to see approval of their peers before making a decision. At least three reviews. Make sure reviews have abstracts. For example:)

Abstract and head-tag-1:
(Abstract should include a few lines that will sell them on the product, some quick highlights. Use keywords, of course, just like normal. The head-tag-1 will be one short line with keywords that will make them want to click on the link.

Manufacturer ID:
Make sure you enter in the yahoo ID of the manufacturer in this field to automatically pull in the image and link.

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  • Warranty
  • (using
  • manufacturer
  • name
  • as
  • keyword
  • in
  • link.)

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