Kick Scooters for the Adult Set

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Kick Scooters for the Adult Set

Ah, kick scooters ...

Maybe you had one back in the good ol' days. Maybe you feel a pang of jealousy seeing kids zip around on their Razor scooters, while you trudge off to work. As you cram yourself between a ripe-smelling fellow and a lady clipping her nails on the bus, your mind starts to wander, and before you know it, you're off in your happy place: the place where you, too, are zipping through the streets on a Razor scooter. Only...something's not right. The proportions are all wrong. You realize that, while these little push scooters might appeal to minds of all ages, they are only really useful to the stature of the younger set.

"Nooooooo" you shout as your daydream disappears into a puff of smoke and you find yourself, much to your chagrin, still wedged between Stinky and Clippy. "I may have the body of an adult, but that shouldn't mean that I've outgrown fun! Joy shouldn't disappear when one crosses the 60 inch threshold! I demand justice! I demand- I demand a kick scooter!" Clippy shoots you a cold glare as your fist shoots triumphantly in the air.

Then you shrivel back up into your seat, resigned to a life of crowded, foul-smelling trains and buses. The scene- it's heartbreaking. If only you knew, dear angst-ridden commuter, that hope lies beyond the next bend! A kick scooter- a scooter of your very own- one made to accommodate the heights and weights, the hearts and minds of those who completed elementary school long ago! Yes! It's true!

There are kick scooters in grown-up sizes!

Indeed, kick scooters today are not only made larger- they're made better. And sharper looking. Gone are the days of tiny 0razor scooters being ridden by incongruously well-dressed businessmen. Today, moguls great and small can scoot in style (and without looking like they stole the toy of a small child). We're not saying there's anything wrong, per se, with razor scooters. They're great- for kids. But as one moves ahead in life, one deserves real transportation- not just a toy.

"So, What should I be looking for in a kick scooter?"

There are four main things that separate kids' scooters from adult scooters: wheel size, board length, handle bar height, and style. Compare the specifications of a Razor scooter with those of a scooter fashioned for adults: Razor scooters have 100mm wheels, 13 inch decks, and a handlebar height of about 28 inches. Adult-sized scooters, such as Xootr or GoPed scooters, have wheels over 150mm, 24 inch decks, and handlebar heights of 35-38 inches. Those extra inches make for a much more comfortable and efficient ride.

And did I mention that they're stylish? The companies who manufacture adult-sized scooters take into account that their products are ridden largely by adults in urban areas, and their designs reflect this. You'll be looking sleek on your kick scooter as you cruise through your commute. So, leave Clippy and Stinky behind on the bus, and start loving your transportation.