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Razor A5 Reviews

Below is a sample of online reviews for the Razor A5 kick scooter

The Razor A5 is great

"I did a lot of research before deciding on this scooter and I'm sooo glad i picked the Razor A5. It's great! The larger wheels are perfect because we live in a community with speed-bumps. The A5 kick scooter is easy to fold up and unfold, my 9 y/o and 14 y/o won't stop riding it. "

My son loves his A5 kick scooter

"My son got one of these for his 7th birthday. My daughter has had a smaller Razor scooter for years, which the kids all love. This new scooter is FAST! I love to ride it (I'm 41)! Now all the kids in the neighborhood take turns on the new scooter. The larger wheels handle bumps much better than the small scooter. I like to see the kids having fun getting exercise."

The A5 Lux is very fast

"This scooter is super fast. My son likes the scooter and he rode it around the block 3 times. I rode it too and it was good. It can ride in dirt, grass, and rough surface. Other scooters can't do that. The only thing that the scooter has problems with is that it costs more than the small ones. This scooter is just super-fast."

Sell your car, get the Razor kick scooter

I bought this scooter to use to get to and from public transit. It works great for that purpose, with surprisingly good ability to absorb sidewalk bumps.
A previous reviewer mentioned the wheels feeling like they were out-of-round. I think the actual effect is that the wheel flexes as a pair of the 5 spokes aligns with the ground. I don't notice the effect as much at high speeds or on asphalt, but at low speed on smooth concrete it's more noticeable. There's very little variation at the rolling surface of the wheel when it spins in the air.
Like other reviewers, I find this machine likes to glide a long time; I can really cover some ground when I take good long strides. The two feet side by side works for me [...] It allows me to easily swap which foot I push while at full speed without upsetting the balance of the scooter.
I agree with other reviewers that this scooter needs a substantial amount of stopping distance at full speed. My 5-year old daughter loves the handling of this scooter (as do I). I think I'll be getting her one as well.

This kick scooter is too fast

The Razor A5 is very compact, but sturdy. It works for me. However, don't use this for long distance though. 2 mi may be the limit for me. Also, make sure you ride this on fairly smooth surface and avoid curbs. I fell down once when I accidentally hit the curb, not fun.

The A5 kick scooter, for kids of all ages

I have ridden both the regular (small wheel) Razor Scooter and the big wheel (A5 Lux) scooter. I am 64 years old and weight 165 pounds. The A5 Lux is a heavier scooter and a much smoother riding scooter. But, it is not so heavy that you can not do tricks on it, such as, "bunny hop", "curb hop," "tail swing" "180 degree hop" and other various jumps that you can do on the small wheel scooters. (I am still working on the "360".)
It is a great cruiser for longer rides and it seems to be faster than the small wheeled scooters. The younger folks (i.e. 8 to 13 year olds) such as my grand kids can do all the same tricks on the A5 Lux as they can do on their small wheeled models.
I would highly recommend the Razor A5 Lux for "kids" of all ages who just want to have fun!!!!!

Awesome Kick Scooter, the A5 rocks

I just got this kick scooter. My friend let me try his scooter (well, he did not really let me try it, but he was not around so I grabbed it and took it for a spin) I fell in love with the handling and endless glide of this scooter. I ordered one and got it in 2 days.
My Dad has a Xootr scooter but doesn't let me use it since he takes it to work every day. He doesn't share anything with me, not even the car (I am already 9 years old and know how to drive) His Xootr is really nice too but costs 2 times more than the Razor A5.