BionX and Recumbent Bikes: a match made in heaven!

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BionX and Recumbent Bikes: a match made in heaven!

Recumbent bikers are always ahead of the curve when it comes to the cutting edge of bicycle technology. By their very nature they seek out the simplest, most efficient, and best designed of everything. So it's no surprise that the recumbent world is starting to pick up on electric bike kits.

Recumbent bikes and BionX kits go together like peanut butter and jelly. BionX is at the forefront of the bicycling world, leading the way in innovative and creative designs. Recumbents are doing the same. BionX is designed to be powerful, yet easy to use. Recumbents are too. BionX carefully takes advantage of human power to seamlessly integrate man and machine. Recumbents are right there with them. See a pattern here? And of course, each has its own crowd of wildly loyal followers. I say, let's mingle!

The age of recumbent electric bikes is at hand!

Imagine if you will, a world where the most aerodynamic, ergonomically designed bicycles are augmented by the most advanced intelligent pedal assist electric motor kits. What do you see? The twilight zone? No! Electric recumbent bikes!!!

Many people gravitate to recumbents because they are easier on the body. For riders who love riding bikes but health problems are keeping them from getting back into it, a BionX kit can be the gateway. The health benefits of a BionX kit may not seem obvious at first. A BionX promotes a healthy and active lifestyle by making it easier to get out and get regular exercise. A BionX system can turn your recumbent into a flexible exercise bike.

Recumbent electric bikes take hills in stride

Recumbents are know for their comfort, but they are also know to be quite difficult on hills. Because of their laid-back riding position (key to their ergonomic design) recumbent riders often feel like they can't get the same power on hills as on a regular bike. This is because their weight is behind, not above them. Electric conversion kits are perfect for filling this gap in the recumbent design. Recumbents may be a drag on hills, but recumbent electric bikes can fly over even the tallest with relative ease.

Electric recumbent bikes make touring even easier.

Going on a long tour can be rough, but the rewards are vast. Touring on an electric recumbent bike lets you go farther and faster than ever before, while still retaining that feeling of accomplishment after a great day of riding. For many people a BionX motor can make the difference between wanting to go on a bike tour and actually doing it. With a recumbent electric bike, the open road is stretched before you, waiting.

Do standard BionX kits fit electric recumbent bikes?

Surely this is all too good to be true? Something so awesome as the BionX kit is also compatible with my recumbent bike? The answer, I am happy to say is, it is! In most cases converting your ride to an electric recumbent bike is as easy as replacing the rear wheel and installing the battery. Of course, in the world of recumbent bikes, designs vary greatly. You may need custom wire lengths to make all the connections fit. Fear not, thanks to a new wiring system BionX now can extend the wiring to fit any recumbent, no matter how long!

Electric recumbent bikes, the ultimate in performance

Recumbent electric bikes are the next step in the bicycling world. Conversion kits like the BionX make the most advanced pedal assist technology available to the most advanced bicycle designs of our day. The result? An aerodynamic, highly efficient, power augmented, electric recumbent bike! Sounds cool, huh? Well then, take a look at some of out BionX conversion kits and see for yourself why so many recumbent riders love them.