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Riding Electric Bikes to the Alps

My first experience with electric bikes was in May of 2009, in Bern, Switzerland. I was there with friends for the Bern Jazz Festival and when there wasn't music to hear, we wanted to experience the city. While it was very easy to get around on foot, we would tire after several hours of walking, making it hard to really enjoy the evenings. We had heard that there were free bike rentals offered in the main square of the old town, but my fellow travelers, having not ridden a bike in years were skeptical about taking a ride, especially given the hilly contour of the city. That was of course until we discovered they also rented electric bikes! None of us had ridden one before so we rented three electric bikes and set off on what we thought would be little more than a ride around the block. It turned out to be a trip unlike any other!
(I believe the bike I rode was an eZee Forza and my friends bike was one of the OHM electric bicycles)

Electric bikes in the great outdoors

The spectacular setting of the city and its rich layers of history unfolded for us in a way one could only have experienced on an electric bike: moving fast enough to see the changing landscape and yet able to stop anywhere along the way to investigate. On top of that, we were free to explore the winding and often hilly streets without even breaking a sweat, following whatever course we wanted with ease. By the time we returned the electric bikes that feeling of liberation and the sheer joy of having no restrictions had us all laughing and smiling.

Electric bikes do long distances

Over the next couple of days, we took several more trips on the electric bikes, each further than the last. Our confidence bristling, we decided to go see the Alps! This meant riding out of the city limits, into the open country, until we could find what we all craved, a full panorama of the mountains. It was an ambitious goal for all of us, and before we had found the electric bikes it would have seemed impossible, but now we knew we could do it! Free from worries about hills and distances, we set out in the open air towards our goal. The electric bikes were very easy to pedal and easy to use; although it took nearly two hours of riding to catch the view we wanted, to us the time flew by. We meandered through winding country lanes, up and down bike paths on the riverbank and found ourselves nearly 10km outside the city, our legs still fresh and full of energy for the return trip. It was well worth it too - the Alps were stretched out in front of us, unimaginably huge in the distance.

I'll never forget this amazing ride and how we wouldn't have even thought to try it if it hadn't been for our electric bikes. That was one of the most exciting things about them, how they changed the way we thought about going for a bike ride. Instead of dreading tired and sore legs, burning lungs, and sweat soaked clothes, we just thought, "Where should we go today?"

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to get out and enjoy a beautiful day, so don't let frustration with hills and tired legs keep you cooped up inside, check out some of our top quality electric bikes today!

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