Scooter Helmets - Design & Safety Tips

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Scooter Helmets - Design & Safety Tips

Giro bike helmets You hear a lot of buzz about bicycle and motorcycle helmets, but what about scooters? Many scooter riders aren't sure what to look for when choosing a helmet. Use this comprehensive guide to find the perfect scooter helmet for your needs.

Helmet Shape Considerations

When you're buying a scooter helmet, you want something that offers sufficient protection. For most scooter riders, a bicycle helmet is the perfect fit. It's made for crashes that could potentially happen at a lower speed compared to, say, a motorcycle. However, it still provides great protection for your skull in case of a fall.

Another option is the skater helmet. This type of helmet offers a little more protection at the back of the head than a standard bike helmet. This can be a great choice when using a scooter since a backwards fall is more likely to occur on a scooter than on a bike. Plus, some scooter riders just like the silhouette better. But both bicycle and skater helmets will work well for your purposes.

Giro Reverb Bike Helmet, Matte Black

Helmet Fit

Getting the right fit is essential when choosing a scooter helmet. Even if you buy the safest helmet available, it won't do you any good if it falls off when you get in a crash. In addition, you don't want a helmet that doesn't stay put. If it slides or jiggles around while you ride, it can obstruct your view. Plus, you can develop fatigue or tension in the neck from trying to keep it in place.

To make sure you get a proper fit, try on numerous helmets to find a snug fit. If you're buying a helmet online, you may need to take a measurement of your head's circumference to make sure you get a helmet that fits right. You want the helmet to be very snug. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but most riders quickly adapt to the snug feeling. If the padding is moving around on your skin, the helmet is too big.

Brooks Carrera Folding Helmet

Helmet Color & Design

You might not think color plays a very big role in whether your helmet is safe or not, but consider your visibility when on your scooter. If you choose a dark or black helmet, it's harder to spot you at night or even during the day. So going with a bright color and a shiny finish can help others detect you even when they give only a quick glance.

The design can also play a role in this. While a solid bright color is great, a contrasting design can be easier to spot. You can also look for a helmet that incorporates reflective materials that shine at night. There are also stickers you can add to your helmet that have the same effect.

Make sure you take the time to compare helmets and find one that's a perfect fit for you. Before you take your scooter out for a spin, you'll need a helmet that you know will keep you safe and protected.

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