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Service and Repair for regular bikes / folding bikes / electric bikes

NYCewheels will repair and service any of the Electric Bikes and Folding bikes that we sell.
Please note that all service work is subject to parts availability, and we cannot guarantee we will have the parts necessary to fully repair your item.

Unfortunately we cannot work on electric products that we do not sell, as we only have parts specific to our products.

We recommend contacting the dealer that has sold you any electric product. They are committed to servicing the product and provide direct support as part of their selling price.

Does your bike feel sluggish, tires, or just plain old? You don’t need a new bike; it just needs a professional tune up from our team at NYCeWheels. We offer two types of tune ups described below. Whether you’re a regular rider who needs to give their bike a little more life, or you dug that old bike out of the garage that just needs a little help to get going, we can get you there!

Electric Bike Diagnostic ($50)

All electric bikes taken in with issues that are not easily identifiable must be diagnosed by our mechanic. We take a $50 deposit for the repair and diagnostic work. This $50 deposit will be applied to your repair cost if the repair exceeds $50, but $50 is the minimum charge for any electric bike repair.

Basic Tune Up ($80) +$50 for electric bikes

We’ll adjust your brakes, fix your gears, and lube your chain to make sure everything is running smooth. We’ll also adjust your headset, tighten all bolts, and make sure your wheels are running true. For Electric bikes, we'll check your battery voltage, clean your connections to make sure the system stays communicating properly, and a diagnostic with a software update if your electric system offers it.

Super Overhaul ($150) +$50 for electric bikes

We’ll adjust your brakes, fix your gears, lube the chain, and give the bike a nice power wash to look as good as it feels to ride it. We’ll also clean and repack front wheel bearings to get rid of that crunching feeling, as well as tension all spokes on both wheels. Finally we’ll lube all the pivot points of the bike and tighten all bolts to make your bike smooth and secure. We offer a wide range of mechanical service at NYCeWheels. For routine repairs, see our fixed price list below.


Flat Rate Price (not including parts)

Front flat


Rear Flat


Rear Motor Flat


Gear Adjustment


Brake Adjustment


Disc Brake Adjustment


Pedal Installation


Fender Installation


Bionx Kit Installation (We do not install any electric kits not purchased at NYCeWheels)


Trueing wheel (price per wheel)


Electric bike/scooter Diagnostic


Bike Build


True Disc Brake Rotor


Grip Installation


Professional Bike Build (Regular Bikes Only, we do not assemble electric bikes not purchased at NYCeWheels)


Storage Policy

We understand not everyone can get to us right away, and that's ok! We allow 1 month after the completion of the repair to pick up your bike or scooter. If your bike or scooter is left in our shop longer than 30 days after the repair is completed, you will be charged $5 per day for storage fees. We strongly recommend picking your bike/scooter up as soon as possible when you are notified of the completion of a repair. If your bike or scooter accrues $1000 of unpaid storage fees, it will be thrown away, resold, or used however we may see fit. We are not a storage facility, please do not treat us as such.

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