In Love With Single Speed Folding Bikes

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In Love With Single Speed Folding Bikes

I'm writing this article because I've just discovered an new love in my cycling life: single speed folding bikes. Why single speeds? Well, it all started when I did a Mu Uno review...

My first single speed folding bike...

The Mu Uno is a single speed folding bike from Dahon, the worlds most popular folding bike manufacturer. It was for one of our folding bike videos and I got to ride this cool folding bike all around Manhattan and through Central Park. I'm used to riding a 6 speed Brompton folding bike so I was pretty skeptical when I first started out. I've always believed that having gears was an essential part of riding a bicycle, but now I'm not so sure.

Gears add weight and are another thing to think about. Essential on long rides yes, but what if you just want to ride around in the city? Is it really necessary to have a folding bike with 24 gears or even 6? I think the answer depends on how you'll be using your folding bike and how you like to ride.

Simplicity: Single speed folding bikes

I loved riding this single speed folding bike because at the time I was more interested in going for a relaxing bike ride than getting anywhere in particular. I just wanted to get out and have some fun on a bike that was all about riding, with no though going to gears, efficiency, shifting, or whatever. Just riding. As someone who has always focused on cycling technique I found it very liberating to be able to just let go of all the thought and focus usually associated with biking and just let it flow.

A few things inherent to single speed folding bikes make them more fun to ride:

  1. Simplicity - No need to shift, just pedal and enjoy the scenery. If you ever wanted to ride a bike just for the joy of it single speed folding bikes are probably the way to go.
  2. Light weight - Without gears, shifters, cables, levers, and other components single speed folding bikes tend to have a great weight advantage over other folding bikes.
  3. Clean and minimal style - No cables? No shifters? No gear clusters? Sounds to me like a single speed folding bike would be a great pleasure to look at.
I hope you get a chance to ride a single speed folding bike at some point. Really, any single speed bike would do. If I had the extra money to spend I would probably buy one just to have for recreational rides around the city, maybe a Brompton, or maybe a Dahon. It could be good for folding bike commuting too if you didn't have many hills to deal with. I'd say that having a single speed folding bike would be perfect if you just want and easy, simple, and no frills way to get around. Focus on the ride, focus on single speed folding bikes.