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What is the world's smallest folding bike?

There are a lot of folding bikes out there that claim to be the world's smallest folding bike. Some have a right to the claim, others do not, and some technically pass when it comes to the size requirements but don't quite pass the 'bicycle' requirements. In their attempt to become the smallest folded package available, they end up crossing some lines and transform from a full-fledged bike to more of a gadget. Sure, they might look neat, but at the end of the day are they functional?

Some of these manufacturers argue "Oh, well, its only really meant to go a couple of blocks here and there between your bus station and office." In our minds, something only suitable for very short intervals of riding isn't quite a bicycle, and it hardly constitutes as folding bike travel. And if you're looking to only travel a block or two at a time, why even get a folding bicycle? A good quality kick scooter like the Xootr scooters would be much more practical, portable, and affordable for those purposes.

With that said, if you're traveling more than a few blocks and would prefer or need a folding bicycle, with all of the options in mind what would be the world's smallest folding bike? What are the true contenders for the smallest folding bike, that function as quality bicycles through and through?

Our first answer would be Brompton. The Brompton folding bike is the smallest folding bicycle out there, more compact than any other when folded down completely. In addition to being the smallest folding bicycle, it also features a genius folding design that results in a tight, neat package. It's easy to fold and can be taken anywhere. And, most importantly, it rides beautifully.

Other contenders for smallest folding bike

What if you're looking for a very small, portable bike, but don't quite need the absolute smallest folding bike out there? There are certainly other options as well. In the line-up of Dahon folding bikes two models stand out in compactness and portability: the durable, commuter-friendly Dahon Curve D3, and the sleek, light-weight Dahon Curve SL.

Sometimes when you're looking for something to be compact, you only need to it be compact in certain dimensions. In such cases where it's ok for an item to be somewhat long if it is very narrow (say for storage in a closet, or transport on a subway or elevator), definitely look at the Strida folding bike. Its unique design and clean, grease-free transmission make this one a crowd-pleaser.