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Specialized Electric Bikes

Dahon MuP8 with BionX electric motor system At NYCeWheels, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all bike. We know that our customers have all different kinds of needs when it comes to finding an electric bike that fits their everyday life. That's why, in addition to more traditional, straightforward electric bikes, we offer some truly unique specialized bikes. These models boast certain features that make them perfectly suited to certain cyclists. Plus, they help our customers stand out in a sea of plain, boring bikes.

Wondering what kinds of specialized bikes we have to offer? Read on to learn about some of our most distinctive specialized electric bikes available at NYCeWheels.

Dahon MuP8: The Ultimate Space-Saver

The Dahon MuP8 is ideal for cyclists who are short on storage space. Whether you're living in a small apartment, you have to take your bike with you on the subway, or you need to be able to fit your bike in your compact car, this folding electric bike has you covered. It folds up into one of our smallest sizes available: 3.7 x 37.8 x 33.2 inches. It can be collapsed in just 30 seconds and weighs only 32.6 pounds. Plus, it's been outfitted with a BionX electric motor with a powerful 24V Li-ion battery. And it's so rugged, it can even be used on mountain trails. For space-saving electric bike that doesn't sacrifice when it come to power and durability, this is a top choice.

GoCycle - Automotive Design, Lightweight eBike

Surly Moonlander: The Best Terrain Tackler

If you want an electric bike that lets you go on great adventures, pick the Surly Moonlander. With fat tires measuring 4.7 inches wide, it's optimized for any terrain, including sand, dirt, gravel and even snow. And even with the BionX motor added for an electric boost, it still weighs just 45 pounds. The bike also features a frame made of durable Surly 4130 CroMoly steel, allowing you to explore adventurously when you go off-roading.

GoCycle: The Top Tech Bike

The GoCycle has tons of features that any rider will love. From the ergonomic shape to the lightweight design, it has all the essentials for an enjoyable ride. However, this particular bike goes a step beyond to include some of our coolest tech features. The handlebars feature an easy-to-read, integrated dashboard that displays speed, efficiency, gears and a fuel gauge. Plus, riders can use the GoCycle Connect App on their smartphone to sync with this Bluetooth-enabled bike. The app allows for custom settings in a number of areas, including maximum speed, pedal effort required for the motor to start and disabling motor and shift functions on a stolen bike. The app can also display a trip odometer and the number of calories burned each trip.

Stromer ST2 S

Stromer ST2 S: The Long-Distance Champ

Distance limitations hold some people back from buying an electric bike. But if you want to go far while still enjoying the benefits of an electric motor, the Stromer ST2 S offers the perfect solution. This incredible bike has a 20 percent larger battery, enabling it to deliver up to 120 miles per charge. That's a huge factor for those who want to enjoy long rides or who don't want to constantly be charging up a battery. As an added bonus, it's also a fast and fun ride thanks to a Syno-Drive hub motor that delivers powerful, consistent torque and acceleration.

These are just some of the many specialized bikes we offer at NYCeWheels. Check out our entire selection of electric bikes, folding bikes, electric motor kits, and scooters to find the perfect ride for your unique needs.

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