Step-Through Electric Bikes: Great for Men and Women

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Step-Through Electric Bikes: Great for Men and Women

From the time the bicycle was invented to the present day, there have been countless redesigns of the geometry, frame, wheel size, and riding position. In the last twenty years, one of the primary distinctions between different bicycle frame styles has been to divide them by gender. Sporty bicycles with a top tube and lower handlebars were considered masculine, while a bicycle with a step-through frame design and upright handlebars has been historically considered feminine. While the distinction still exists today, there have been many indications in the last few years that suggest a shift away from this line of thinking. One of these areas is in the realm of electric bicycles.

With advancements in technology, the last ten years has shown an increase in electric bicycle production. With more manufacturers and models to choose from, there are many different frame styles and riding positions available. However, one thing that is evident among all of these bikes is the lack of a gender classification. There are no longer "male" or "female" bike frames. In fact, even when bikes are offered with a top-tube or step-through option, the intention is that they can be used by both sexes, and it is more a matter of preference than masculinity. What do these electric bikes have to offer that makes them appeal to both sexes, despite the design?

Giant Twist Freedom Electric Bike

One of the best quality electric bikes currently available is made by the bicycle experts at Giant. The Giant Twist Freedom electric bike is a stable, long-distance electric bike with a built-in pedal-assist motor. Dual front and rear suspension, and the ability to add a second battery, make this electric bike one of the most comfortable bikes to ride. So what does Giant offer in terms of frame geometry?

Being bicycle manufacturers, Giant knows the importance of frame size. The Twist Freedom is available in four different sizes, from 15 to 21 inches. Not only that, but it's available in both top-tube and step-through designs. With an adjustable handlebar and seat post, the Twist Freedom can be set to practically any riding position for the maximum comfort level of any rider.

Sanyo Eneloop Electric Bike

The well-known battery manufacturers at Sanyo recently tried their hand at an electric bicycle, and came up with the Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle. Compared to the Giant Twist, the operation of the Eneloop is similar. It also has a smooth pedal-assist motor, a lightweight battery, and a comfortable position. The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike is also available in two different styles: a comfortable step-through frame and a sporty hybrid frame.

In Japan, where the Sanyo Eneloop was developed, the step-through frame is considered to be the standard, unisex design. Even the hybrid frame has a low top tube, for easier mounting style. This is similar to the Giant Twist. Neither bike has a horizontal top tube, a design that is rarely seen on an electric bike. Many people like the option of being able to slide forward on the seat and plant two feet on the ground, without a bike frame getting in the way. With both the step-through frame and the hybrid frame, this is easy to accomplish. It seems like the style of electric bikes favor comfort above all else.

In addition to these bikes, there are many more bikes out there that have a step-through frame geometry. No longer is this style linked with a woman's bike. It seems like every electric bike has an easy-mounting bicycle style. Check out some more electric bikes, all available to test drive at NYCeWheels.