Spotlight on Strida Folding Bike

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Spotlight on Strida Folding Bike

The Strida is truly unique among folding bikes. This folding bike has defied conventional bicycle shape and design since the beginning. Everything from it's triangular frame to its Kevlar belt drive pushes the limit of what is expected from a bicycle.

No other folding bike even comes close to challenging the concept of what a bicycle should look like more than the Strida folding bike. That is why we have placed a spotlight on the Strida.

What are the features that make the Strida folding bike so much more edgy and uncommon than other folding bikes? Well it starts with the frame of course:

  • The Strida frame is just three bars with three hinges and one latch to hold it all together. Simplicity = Success
  • Because a Strida folding bike is essentially a single triangle it is a very rigid and strong folding bike. Physically the triangle is one of the strongest load carrying shapes, that's why you see it in so many architectural designs. Triangles have strength without weight. More on the geometry of the Strida...
  • The symmetry of the Strida's triangular frame is very appealing. Three points of contact with the bike, three corners, three circles at its base. A very smooth and unified design.

Okay, so that's the folding bike frame but what about the smaller less obvious features of the Strida folding bike that make it unique? Well here are a few of those too:

  • Quick release handlebars use a lever and spring button system to ensure they will never fold unintentionally. This is a great feature as it allows you to either set the bike up for heavy riding or quick here to there stops where you need to fold it quickly.
  • A Kevlar belt drives the rear wheel instead of a chain. This setup makes the Strida folding bike clean and quite while also reducing the amount of routine maintenance needed due to wear and tear on the drive train. A folding bike with a Kevlar belt is great for commuting in your nice clothes.
  • Single sided chain stays and a mono fork. What the heck does that mean? It's much simpler than it sounds: instead of attaching the axle of the front and rear wheels to the frame on both sides each is attached on only one side. That means you don't even have to remove the wheels to change a flat tire on your Strida. Brilliant!

And how about some of those nice features that aren't exactly unique but are worth mentioning anyway?

  • Front and rear disc brakes ensure you'll be able to stop the Strida folding bike on a dime. There is no more powerful braking system than disc brakes. For a folding bike that is intended to be ridden in all conditions here and there in the city disc brakes are a great bonus for the Strida. No sliding dangerously to a stop at every stop light, just a light touch of the brake lever brings you to a firm halt long before any danger can befall you.
  • The Strida folding bike comes in a few varieties but we prefer the simpler single speed. A single speed Strida means less complication from a bike that is intended for simplicity anyway.

That pretty much covers the important points of the unique and wild looking Strida folding bike. There is no folding bicycle better suited to making a strong statement and making it right away, from the first glance. The quick and maneuverable Strida folding bike feels right at home in a city where stop and go riding, lack of space, and focus on portability are key. Check out the Strida 5.0 LT!