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Stromer ST2 S

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Product information "Stromer ST2 S"
Battery: 983 Wh
Max Range: 100 mi
Speeds: 11
Weight: 65 lbs
Wheel Size: 26
Motor Type: RearHub
E-Bike Class: 3
The Stromer ST2-S is quite simply the absolute perfection of Stromer's years of refinement of their industry-leading e-bikes.

We've been selling ebikes for over 15 years. Years of new products, new technologies, new innovations. Each year there are certain products that really move things forward and challenge both the concept of what an electric bike is and the limits to which it's been previously confined. Stromer has been consistently wow'ing us for the last 4 years. This year is no different!

What the heck is so great about ST2? It's all in the ride.

When I rode the ST2 in 2015 I was immediately impressed. No hub motor electric bike had ever felt that good and mid-drive motor bikes still were a bit finicky because you always had to shift into the right gear to get good torque - not with ST2. The new Syno-Drive hub motor delivered super powerful and consistently distributed torque and acceleration across the full range of speed. That meant it accelerate from 0-10 mph with as much kick as from 20-28 mph. It's a great feeling and something which no hub motor bike before had achieved! ST2S has the same ride but with some major upgrades... read on!

The ST2S is very similar to the regular ST2: same incredible motor power, same discrete touch screen interface, same incredible aesthetic. Let's check out where it pulls ahead...

How is ST2S better than ST2?

  • 20% larger battery (983Wh) delivers 60-120 miles per charge!
  • Shimano Di2 electronic shifting is ultra quiet, exact, and always in tune.
  • 1x11 Drivetrain is cleaner and less maintenance than ST2 yet delivers comparable gearing for any terrain.
  • Supernova M99 Pro headlight is 400% brighter and features dual beam options. This makes riding at night super safe. It's pretty much as bright as a car headlight!
  • New Magura MT5 disc brake levers and calipers deliver super strong yet modular braking action. Good to have on a super fast ebike!

What I liked best about the ST2S was the electronic shifting and the better feeling from the disc brakes. Shimano Di2 shifting is incredibly precise and immediate. It definitely inspires confidence and makes shifting gears a no-brainer. An easy to read display shows you exactly what gear you're in at all times.The MT5 disc brakes use a quad-cylinder setup for super strong yet easily controlled braking force with minimal effort from you fingers. They just feel good and are very easy.

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