Stromer ST1 vs. Specialized Turbo - eBikes go head to head

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Stromer ST1 vs. Specialized Turbo - eBikes go head to head

You must be curious about all the hype around the Specialized Turbo electric bike. Well, we think the Stromer ST1 packs way more bang for the buck. I got an inquiry from a customer about this very point and responded with the email below. In case you're curious I've copied it here for your interest. -Peter from NYCeWheels

Question from customer: What do you think of the new Specialized Turbo electric bike?

Peter's email reply: We don't carry Specialized so we can't order the Turbo bike. However, from what I can tell this is less powerful than the Stromer ST1 we carry but much more highly priced. I've done a video review of the Stromer ST1 but not the Specialized Turbo. Here's a comparison of features based on what I know first hand of the Stromer and what I can find on Specialized's website:

  • Turbo - 250 watt motor - uses a bit less battery but is far weaker when accelerating and climbing steep hills.
  • Stromer - 500 watt motor - consumes more power but is very strong in acceleration, hill climbing, and pulling weight.
  • Turbo - No battery chemistry listed, probably Lithium Ion, 342 Wh capacity.
  • Stromer - Lithium Ion, 410 Wh capacity with optional upgrade to 522 Wh battery.
  • Turbo - nicer mechanical parts but in my opinion nicer than you really need.
  • Stromer - Very good level components but you aren't paying for the super fancy stuff you see on the Turbo. The brakes are awesome - Magura MT2, the derailleurs and shifters are Shimano, it's paired nicely with the electric system to keep the cost at a reasonable level.
  • Turbo - Nice looks, cool frame.
  • Stromer - Equally nice if not better.
Support from manufacturer:
  • Turbo - Specialized is an awesome company but I am worried you would get lost among the many models Specialized sells and that they may even drop the electric idea all together if it doesn't work out for them. It's happened before with big bike companies like Giant. They realize it's not their market and are gone in 5-10 years.
  • Stromer - This is a dedicated electric bicycle company. The US market is handled by BMC but is supported by Stromer in Switzerland. This is an excellent company dedicated to the electric bicycle they sell. Whenever you have a dedicated electric bike company you get better support and service I think.

I hope this goes to some length to clarify the differences between the Stromer and the Specialized Turbo. Remember that we are the largest Stromer dealer in the US and offer great advice when picking your bike and lifetime service. Order you're Stromer ST1 today for the best experience out there in electric bicycles!

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