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If you're the type that wants the best of the best, and you want to ride a good-looking, powerful electric bike while also making yourself look good, we suggest you take a look at the lineup of Stromer electric bikes from NYCeWheels. Simply put, these electric bikes are the class of the electric bike field. But don't let their elegant good looks deceive you. These great bikes have plenty of power and great options inside to back up their sleek looks outside.

Whereas most electric bikes have 350W motors, these high-end bikes from NYCeWheels come with 500W motors to give you that little bit of extra boost when you're going up a steep hill, faster acceleration when trying to make a quick getaway or extra speed when you're running late for a date, work or an appointment.


NYCeWheels named 2015 Stromer Dealer of the Year!

We were truly honored to be named a Stromer Dealer of the Year. This award is not solely based on sales - though we did sell a hefty number! It's also based on after sale support of the customer, excitement and commitment to the brand, and a number of other qualities that all lead to giving our customers the best possible Stromer experience. Stromer is easily our #1 selling electric bicycle and we're proud to be their #1 USA retailer!

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