Styriette Electric Bike: Tradition Reborn

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Styriette Electric Bike: Tradition Reborn

The modern Styriette electric bike has quite a rich history behind its slick classic image. Let's take a closer look at some of the features of the Styriette.

The first thing I notice is not the electrical system, it's the unique and gorgeous looks of this electric bike. The Styriette looks deceptively like a regular bicycle except for its unique front suspension system. This unique suspension fork cushions the front wheel using a single spring loaded shock. It is remarkably similar to the original Styriette suspension fork and lends a unique and distinctive look to the electric bike. The next thing I notice is the Brooks leather saddle. This is the perfect saddle for an electric bike built to leave a lasting impression. Brooks saddles are not only the most comfortable saddles in the world, they are also more beautiful than any other. I can just imagine myself, dressed in suit and tie, riding one of these incredible electric bikes to work every morning. Imagine the impression you'd make owning such a beautiful electric bike that hearkens back to the old world class of Europe.

The Styriette does more than just look good. Just like it's ancestors the new Styriette electric bike is built with purpose: alternative personal transportation. This electric bike has the power to climb any hill and get you where you need to go. There is no compromise between form and function, both have a strong presence. So how does a Styriette electric bike actually work?

The workings of a Styriette electric bike

The modern Styriette is powered not by gas but by a sophisticated electric motor kit from BionX. The BionX electric bike kit uses a 350 watt motor (approximately 1/2 horse power) to assist the rider. The electric system is not throttle based like a motorcycle, it senses your pedaling force and gives you a boost based on that force. That may sound complicated but what it comes down to is that the BionX kit pretty much reads your mind. Riding the Styriette, or any other BionX bike, is like having super powers that suddenly allow you to effortlessly ride up hills or against the wind. It is a great help to everyday riders with long commutes or people who just don't want to sweat as much on their rides.

The Styriette electric bike can go up to 20mph, just like the original, and travel about 20 miles per charge. If you run out of battery power you can still pedal it like a normal bike. The Styriette is a very comfortable cruiser style electric bike.

Styriette uses unique technology

The Styriette uses one of the latest technologies released by BionX, an electric motor that integrates a 3 speed internal hub. The BionX IGH3 motor is one of the most flexible electric kit solutions available. It allows the electric bike kit to be installed on 3 speed cruisers, single speeds and all kinds of bikes that were previously incompatible with the BionX kit.

The Styriette electric bike is probably the most amazing electric bike I've seen yet. It merges incredible new technology with classic design from the past, resulting in an impressive electric bike that is sure to turn heads.