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Electric bike help and Folding bike help

Got a bike at a yard sale or your dealer went out of business?

We are proud to provide everyone who purchased their bicycle or electric motor kit from us with expert lifetime support and we're sorry we can't provide you the same. The thing is, the profit from each sale goes towards supporting our customers in the future.

We are more than happy to offer the following resources which are a great starting point for getting you back on the road. We hope that if you decide to get a new bike or your old one finally breaks down you'll come back to NYCeWheels for your next purchase in order to benefit from our expert lifetime support. If you'd like to receive information on special deals and promotions please sign up for our newsletter.

Electric bicycle help and electric bike kit help:

NYCeWheels BionX Troubleshooting resource:
We designed this as an open resource for customers and non-customers alike. It contains all the information of our primary BionX tech and should get you back on the road or point to the solution in 99% of cases.

Discussion forums which deal with electric powered vehicles:
If you take the time to sign up on these forums there are many very knowledgeable users who may have gone through the same thing you're experiencing now. Some diligent research on forums may reveal the answer to your problems.

Manufacturer specific contact forms:
If your dealer went out of business it can be helpful to contact the manufacturer directly for assistance.

Folding bike help:
A few manufacturers have dedicated support pages. Some are better than others, but in general you can find a lot of good information here:

We wish you the best of luck in dealing with your current problem and hope that the resources provided above get you back on the road again shortly. Please remember that we would love to help you if you had purchased from us but due to our high work load we can only provide over the phone and email support to our customers.

We hope the next time you're looking for a folding bike, electric bike, or kick scooter, that you'll come to NYCeWheels so we can provide you with the expert lifetime support that is so important to consider when purchasing a new product.

-NYCeWheels team