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Xootr Swift folder, NYC's folding bike

This bike is not available through NYCeWheels. Please check out our current selection of folding bikes.

We are no longer stocking or shipping the Xootr swift.

The Swift folder is tough. It's from Brooklyn, what else would you expect? The Swift has gone through many years of trial by fire riding on the streets of New York City, and the end result is a bike that can take a beating and keep on riding. It folds in a few simple steps, and is quite a pleasure to ride.

The new Swift Folder is being produced by Xootr, the maker of execellent quality kick scooters. The current incarnation of the swift folder features a SRAM 5.0 8 speed deraileur drive train. The all aluminum frame has reduced the weight from previous versions, while maintaining the same quick and easy folding motion. This bike has been an underground legend among NYC riders for years, but the difficulty was getting your hands on one.

Thanks to Xootr, you can own one of these unique folding bikes.