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Tern makes some of the best riding folding bikes available. Plus they’re fully serviceable so they’ll serve you faithfully for years and years. We’ve got lots of models in stock and you can ride them and see for yourself.

There are a variety of Tern folding bicycles available. We've organized them by their frame type which generally speaks to their intended use. Read over these quick descriptions to get an idea what each type of Tern bike is best at.

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Tern Node D16 - English - Tern
Tern Node D16
Tern's popular Node model has a new star, the D16. It features the same great, smooth ride of a 24" wheel and the same compact fold, and adds more gears for people who find themselves staring down some major hills. This bike was designed..
Tern Node D7i - English - Tern
Tern Node D7i
Tern Verge D9 - English - Tern
Tern Verge D9
The Verge D9 is a trailblazer. Born out of our 451 Verge design philosophy, it has bigger race wheels, T-Tuned™ geometry, and a wide 1x drivetrain. It’s about as much value as we could condense into one bike, and it’s ready for any..
Tern Bottle Cage (Black) - English - Tern
Tern Bottle Cage (Black)
Because of the unique design of folding bikes, bottle cages often sit horizontally—a liability with the wrong cage. The Tern Bottle Cage is engineered so your bottle stays in place, even on steep descents and at abrupt stops. It’s light..
Tern Eclipse D16 - English - Tern
Tern Eclipse D16
The Eclipse D16 delivers the best price-to-performance ratio of any bike in our lineup. Designed with full-sized 26” wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, and a massively stiff hydroformed Eclipse frame, it ticks all the boxes. Somehow, we..
SKS Mini 20
SKS Mini 20" Fenders (Black)
Biking after it rains can leave a huge stripe of mud down your back and that just isn’t cool, so that’s where SKS Mudguards can help. Made in Germany by SKS, world-renowned maker of quality bike fenders, these mudguards will keep you and..
Tern Bicycles Luggage Truss - English - Tern
Tern Bicycles Luggage Truss
Attach bags, baskets, and racks to the front of your Tern or Dahon with this Tern Luggage Truss . Attaching cargo to the frame of a bike rather than the fork or handlebars eliminates negative effects on steering. Fabricated from extruded..
Tern Tern Tool 2.0 - English - Tern
Tern Tern Tool 2.0
The Tern Tool ensures you stay on your bike, and don’t get stuck roadside. Specially designed for Tern bikes, the multi-tool boasts 19 must-have tools, including a 15 mm wrench for tightening axle nuts and pedals and a 6 mm wrench for..
Tern SKS 26
Tern SKS 26" Fenders (Black), 45mm
Fenders for 26" Tern Bicycles.
Tern Cargo Rack - English - Tern
Tern Cargo Rack
The Cargo Rack is a robust rear rack for Tern bikes. Constructed of thick-gauge aluminum tubing with ultra-rigid DoubleTruss™ 3D design, the rack supports it all – full-sized panniers on upper or lower rails and KLICKfix™ Rackpack..
Tern Hold 'Em Basket (Blk/Blue Polka) - English - Tern
Tern Hold 'Em Basket (Blk/Blue Polka)
Our Hold ’Em Basket is a stout front basket that mounts on your frame for stable steering in the city. It’s big enough to carry a bag of groceries or a backpack and, thanks to the cinch-cover, it holds everything in place. It attaches and..
Tern Trolley Rack - English - Tern
Tern Trolley Rack
Transform your Tern for easy travel with the Trolley Rack. The included cover hides the bike and keeps you and other passengers grease-free. Compatible with the Link-series of Tern bicycles. Tern-patented technology. Everyday rack that..
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