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Tern makes some of the best riding folding bikes available. Plus they’re fully serviceable so they’ll serve you faithfully for years and years. We’ve got lots of models in stock and you can ride them and see for yourself.

There are a variety of Tern folding bicycles available. We've organized them by their frame type which generally speaks to their intended use. Read over these quick descriptions to get an idea what each type of Tern bike is best at.

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Tern MainStay Chain Guide - English - Tern
Tern MainStay Chain Guide
If you could watch your chain, you’d see waves of energy literally bounce the chain as it moves up and down the cassette or when riding on rough roads. With the shorter chainstays of folding bikes, the waves just get amplified in size. We..
Tern Cargo Node - English - Tern
Tern Cargo Node
The Cargo Node is a game changer for people who live in cities. Thanks to 350 lb (160 kg) of carrying capacity, big wheels and an ultra-stiff handlepost, it’s a full-sized cargo bike, yet it folds down to 1/3rd its total volume in only..
Tern Eclipse S18 - English - Tern
Tern Eclipse S18
This ain't your mama's folding bike. With integrated lighting powered by a super-efficient dynamo hub, front and rear racks, a floor pump in the seatpost, and big beefy 507 mm tires that munch potholes for lunch, the Eclipse S18 is the..
SKS Mini 451 Fenders (Black) - English - Tern
SKS Mini 451 Fenders (Black)
Biking after it rains can leave a huge stripe of mud down your back and that just isn’t cool, so that’s where SKS Mudguards can help. Made in Germany by SKS, world-renowned maker of quality bike fenders, these mudguards will keep you and..
Tern Link A7 - English - Tern
Tern Link A7
The Link A7 lets you discover the utility of a folding bike at our most affordable price ever. With wide 7-speed gearing, and a custom telescopic handlepost, it’s easy to dial-in exactly the ride you’re looking for. It’s built with..
Tern Roji Rip - English - Tern
Tern Roji Rip
Rip STREET STYLE The Rip is designed in the spirit of functional minimalism. With sleek deep-v rims and sharply angled frame tubes, the Rip cuts a clean line through the city. With riser handlebars it’s easy to maneuver through urban..
Tern Roji Rally - English - Tern
Tern Roji Rally
Rally TIMELESS TRANSPORT The Rally is all in the details–the closer you look, the better it gets. From the 1” polished quill stem, to leather grips, and classic silver crankset, it’s timeless bike design, with a modern touch. Best of all,..
Tern Roji Clutch - English - Tern
Tern Roji Clutch
Clutch SIMPLE YET AGILE The Clutch is a clear expression of the Roji design spirit: minimal yet functional urban bikes. It’s designed in Japan, and it comes in a range of sizes from 42 to 58 cm. Small bikes are built around 650c wheels,..
Tern GSD - English - Tern
Tern GSD
Enormously Useful. Surprisingly Small. The GSD is designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or 400 lbs of cargo, but it’s only 6 feet long—the same length as a standard ebike. With Tern’s best-in-class folding technology,..
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Tern Spartan Rack (Black)
Tern Spartan Rack (Black)
Tern Kori Rear Basket (Black)
Tern Kori Rear Basket (Black)
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