Xootr MG, one of the finest kick scooters NYCeWheels.com

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Xootr MG, one of the finest kick scooters

I have always loved bike shops. At least the small owner managed, mom and pop style. The big box stores are impersonal and fake. NYCeWheels is a great example of a shop that understands their customers needs and does not push useless expensive junk, they sell the good stuff. They also use daily the gear they sell. An important thing in a bike shop. I like NYCeWheels because the staff is happy, knowledgeable and helpful.

As a perfect example of the contrast between a big box and NYCeWheels; when I was there a woman came in to ask how to use her bicycle she had purchased at a big chain store. Bert took the time to show her how to fit the bike and how to use it. The store where she bought it didn't care enough to inform her about the product she purchased from them.

Another great thing about NYCeWheels is that if you are the 20,000 customer Bert gives you a free Xootr kick scooter. At least that is what happened to me!

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