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What is the best kick scooter for me?

I was starting to make this a guide to pick the best kick scooter for you but decided to make this a page to rant about about our favorite kick scooters, the Xootr scooter manufactured in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the Swiss designed Micro kick scooters

Micro Adult kick scooters are super sturdy and have the largest wheels of compact kick scooters. The Micro kick scooter is very well made and seems to be indestructible. Check out our product page for the Micro white kick scooter and our Micro kick scooter blog

The quality of the Xootr kick scooters is unsurpassed. To my knowledge, this is the only kick scooter that is hand-crafted. If you wake me up in the middle of the night, shake me wildly and scream - what is the best kick scooter? Xootr would be the only word coming of my lips (besides two more words we can't put on a family website)

How much for the best kick scooter?

All other kick scooters are made by machines, thousands at the time. That is a must to keep the price as low as possible, however, at around $200 we feel the cost is not so much of a factor. For Kick scooter riders in NYC quality is way more important than saving a few bucks. Xootr kick scooters are the best kick scooters money can by, at $200 that is within the reach of many. If used for urban commuting, it will pay for itself within a few months anyways.

Do I need a quaility kick scooter?

The best kick scooter might not be the best quality scooter, it might be the safest. What are your teeth worth? - small wheeled kick scooters easily get stuck in cracks and cause the rider to get launched over the handlebar that is rather low for adult kick scooter riders.

The best kick scooter would be almost maintainance free, have sealed high performance ball-bearings and no spring loaded , complicated latches to wear out or break. For speed, air-less tires are best. Air-less tires also never get flats, one of the most annoying things to deal with. The purpose for the most part is to get there fast an save so big wheels and a long wheel-base would be fond on the best kick scooter for commuting.

Traveling with a kick scooter has become very popular since our customers realized how convenient and reliable transportation it is. The best kick scooter for travel would be one that can fit safely in your suitcase or can safely be transported in its on bag.

The best kick scooter to mingle?

Single? We have heard our shore of stories on what works best when one is out there. Puppies are great but need to be walked. Those little razor type scooters can make you look silly so the best kick scooter to get attention would be a very stylish, shiny hand crafted one. Check our line of kick scooters for the best image possible.

Maybe this will give some ideas on how to pick the best kick scooter for you. We kinda like the amazing fast, beautiful and safe Xootr kick scooter. Needles to say, you want to pick a knowledgeable dealer like NYCeWheels to purchase the best kick scooter there is.