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The Health Benefits of an Electric Bike

A daily dose of exercise is essential for the human body to stay healthy. Whether that means going to the gym, taking an early-morning run, or participating in recreational sports, just getting the blood flowing is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

In today's fast-paced society, it's tough to schedule some time to make it to the gym, or set aside some extra time each day to focus on aerobic exercise. Instead of trying to fit exercise into a jam-packed schedule, why not integrate it into a daily routine in a different way? One great example, and one that is accepted in major cities across the world, is riding a bike to and from work. Not only does this provide your body with some necessary daily exercise, it cuts back on the cost of commuting, emissions from cars and buses, and can be a lot of fun!

Commuting with an Electric Bike

Many people will hesitate to make the switch from their standard commuter vehicle to a bicycle because it takes more effort, or they don't want to show up to work covered in sweat. With an electric bike, the body is still able to exercise, but much of the strain is removed by the assistance from the electric motor. So what are some of the other advantages of an electric bicycle, and how can you make this transition to a healthier commute?

Longer Range For New Electric Bike Batteries

Even if you live over fifteen miles away from your job, an electric bike is still a great option! New Lithium batteries average about twenty miles on a single charge, and the average commuter travels 2-3 miles per day. If you're worried about a long distance ride, just bring a spare charger to the office and plug your battery in while you work! Even if you run out of juice, you can still pedal it like a regular bike.

Electric Bike to Work, Regular Bike Home

The fact that most electric bikes can be used like a regular bike is a great advantage for people that don't want to sweat the morning commute, but would love to get a workout on the way home. Just turn the bike off for the return trip and work up a sweat pedaling home. Some electric bikes, like the BionX electric bike kit, even offer a resistance mode that charges the battery. It's like riding an exercise bike that moves.

Pedal-Assist Electric Bikes Help your Muscles

Buying an electric bike that can be used like a motorcycle, with a twist-grip throttle, is not the best way to get exercise. Many electric bike models now require the rider to pedal along with the motor. This not only works on leg muscles, but the rider will get a bit of aerobic exercise as well. Look for a pedelec electric bicycle, or a hybrid electric bicycle. These tend to be a bit smoother, and have a longer range per battery charge.

Electric Bikes: Lighter Than You Think

The prospect of owning an electric bike leads people to believe they need a garage or ground-level storage space because the thing weighs 100 pounds. This is no longer the case! Sure those older electric bikes used to weigh a lot, but new bikes can weigh as little as 40 lbs. For comparison, the average mountain bike is around 30 lbs, so this is only ten more pounds to add a battery and motor. There are even folding electric bikes that can be easily stored in closets.

It's true that electric bikes are much more practical than they were five years ago, and can be a viable replacement for a car or subway. The electric bike specialists at NYCeWheels can even help you pick your bike, if you're undecided about what kind of electric bike you'd prefer. There are many different choices out there, so make the right one!

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