Trek Ride+ Electric Bike

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Trek Ride+ Electric Bike

A bike with electric motor assistance, with all of the advancements in battery technology, has become a great alternative to driving a car in many places around the world. Longer trips are no problem with long-lasting Lithium batteries, and steep hills are a breeze with an electric-assist motor. It's not surprising to see electric bikes in use by daily commuters, weekend cruisers, and bicycle collectors. They've become the go-to green alternative vehicle.

With the popularity of the bike with electric motor power, comes a push from standard bicycle manufacturers to produce these types of bikes. Giant Bicycles have developed some of the best hybrid bicycles on the market, and continue to be a leading force behind electric-powered bikes. Lately, bicycle giants at Trek have developed their first bike with electric motor assistance: the Trek Ride+ electric bike. With some of the most efficient technology on the market, the Trek electric bike is now one of the best quality electric bikes available.

Trek Electric Bikes Are Game Changers

The technology used on the Trek Ride+ Electric Bike is almost exactly the same as the BionX Electric Conversion Kit. The pedal-assist console has four different modes that vary between 25% assistance and 200% assistance. This means that as the rider pedals, the motor will work along with the pedal power to achieve the most efficient electric assistance. It also has a throttle that responds with maximum motor speed when pressed. It's one of the best electric motors for bikes available,

Also similar to the BionX motor kit, the Trek uses regenerative braking to prolong the life of the Lithium battery. Just pull on the brake to pump some life back into the bike. It can also be set to stay in regenerative mode, so that on a long downhill, the pedal power will charge the battery even more. This can extend the trip of the Trek electric bike to 30 or 40 miles on a single battery charge.

The Trek Ride+ Electric Bike Is Sleek

With a sleek rear-rack battery, the Trek Electric Bike has one of the coolest looking frames out of any electric-powered bike. The lightweight Lithium battery can be removed by just unlocking it and sliding it out of the rack, like a BionX battery. All in all, the Trek Ride+ electric bike is about 18 pounds heavier than a standard Trek bike, making it one of the lightest electric bikes on the market.

At NYCeWheels, we are not currently stocking the Trek Ride+ electric bike, but the electric conversion kit used on this model is almost exactly the same as our popular BionX motor kit. This is a customizable kit that can install on practically any bicycle, including a standard Trek bike. It also can achieve a higher torque and better range because of a slightly bigger battery.

The different BionX electric motor kits are available to order on NYCeWheels.

Video of the Trek electric bike using the modified BionX bike kit: