Stromer ST1 Platinum--Everything You Need and Nothing You Don't, by Turbo Bob

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Stromer ST1 Platinum--Everything You Need and Nothing You Don't, by Turbo Bob

by Turbo Bob from Turbo Bob's Bicycle Blog

I've ridden more than a few Stromer electric bikes, but this one I'm on now is the best ever. You may think the 'talk to me' red paint job is what's catching my fancy, yet it's so much more than that. Styled in pure European fashion, in reminds me of some classic motorbikes I rode and raced in my youth and some race versions I only dreamed of taking to the track.

As I pulled it from the shipping carton, I was in awe of its looks and features. It took the shortest time to get it up and running, with a quick blast around the neighborhood before setting the battery on the charger. As the battery filled with go juice, I poured over the bike to check all the settings and just soak-up what was to come. I even checked the owners manual to see how the display operates. Not something that everyone does, but worth the time and effort.

Finally ready to go, I hopped aboard for a long shake-down run. This Stromer Platinum didn't disappoint as the miles melted away. Even though it has plenty of gears, I spent most of my time in the upper ones, as the smooth power from the rear hub motor makes the lower ones less important to my riding style. Working between the four levels of assist, I was always happy with the acceleration and cruising speed it offered.

Stromer ST1: a pure experience

You can get the Stromer ST1 in a few different configurations. The Platinum has no throttle and the motor is motivated only with your pedaling. A very sensitive torque-sensing control system feels what you want and delivers right now. Unlike most E-bikes on the market, this type of control gives you the most pure of E-bike experiences. It is a bike rider's bike and makes most pale in comparison with the power and seamless smoothness it deals up.

The 2013 Stromer shares much with the older models I have ridden. The lithium battery is enclosed in the frame tube and has a nice mechanism that allows access to it. It can be charged in the bike or separate depending on your needs. It has a sporty seating position that is a middle ground between road bike and cruiser. It very much has the mountain bike look and I imagine it could be ridden just about anywhere.

This year's tires have a larger cross-section, something that I was glad to see. And of course they are name brand top-end tires that should give miles of service with a smile and no flats. The front fork is carbon fiber, yet with this flawless paint job it is hard to tell. The aluminum frame matches in that vibrant red. You can opt for other colors and a low-framed model as well. Check the Stromer ST1 NYCeWheels page for all your choices.

The Stromer Has Some Extra Oomph

This Platinum has a little more get up and go than most E-bikes you might consider getting. Because it only can power-up while you are pedaling, the rules allow a few more mph than most. In fact without working up a major sweat it can pull 30 of those mph in no time at all. On top of the extra oomph, it also has a larger capacity battery to extend your rides even at the higher speeds. I normally keep the speed to under 20, but those power blasts are a 'blast'.

So the draw with this Stromer Platinum are many--great looks--top-end components--fine handling--long range--plenty of power--battery regeneration on the down-grades--super brakes--precise and smooth motor-assist control--And many more that you might have to find on your own.

When I say this bike has 'nothing you don't' need, I am overlooking the optional 'city kit'. A set of fenders and lights could round out the package for many. I always add some lights to any bike I ride. Yet the 'stripped' and 'racy' look of this bike might be the way you desire and need. It's up to you of course.

Go Stromer and go strong,

Turbo Bob

"He neither drank, smoked, nor rode a bicycle. Living frugally, saving his money, he died early, surrounded by greedy relatives. It was a great lesson to me."---John Barrymore