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A2B Electric Bikes

A2B electric bikes offer a combination of features that make them hard to beat: sleek design and attention to detail, comfortable ergonomics and powerful engines make this brand hard to beat. NYCeWheels has these beautiful bikes in a variety of styles and at different price points so you can find the A2B bike that's perfect for you.

Powered by a strong, 500-watt rear-hub motor, the A2B electric bike will conquer the steepest hills and get you where you need to go fast. Thanks to its upright seating position, it will also get you where you're going with maximum comfort. Its sleek design and clean lines mean you'll ride with style as well as with comfort and speed.

More about A2B

NYCeWheels offers a variety of A2Bs, formerly known as Ultras, so you can find one of these high-tech electric bikes to exactly suit your needs. For the daily commuter, we offer A2Bs with front suspensions, lights, built-in racks and fenders to make your commute as enjoyable and stress free as possible. For the traveler, we have A2B folding bikes, which combine the best features of folding bikes and electric bikes. These smartly designed bikes fold and unfold in a snap. They're perfect for taking with you, whether in your car, boat or airplane, so you can get around quietly, cheaply and efficiently under your own power when you reach your destination.

If you're looking for motor bicycle parts, NYCeWheels stocks a deep inventory of parts for your A2B electric bike. You'll also be happy to know that A2B bikes are covered by the manufacturer with warranties running up to five years, depending on the part. If you have any questions, just call or email NYCeWheels for quick, helpful answers.

For comfort, quality, and high tech styling - nothing beats an A2B!