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Urban Commuters - Taking It Above Ground

Urban Commuters - Taking It Above Ground  

New York City - home of the commuter. If you work in Manhattan, there are about a billion ways to get to work, from subways and taxis to rickshaws and rollerblades. The possibilities are endless, so what is the best form of urban commuting? Bike Vs Bus

Let's take a minute to examine public transportation. Here in New York, we have subways. Okay, they're pretty dependable, not taking into account delays or construction. Oh, and I hope you don't have to catch a train during rush hour. Nothing beats the feeling of being packed into a car with 100 other passengers. How about buses? Cities like Chicago and Philadelphia use a pretty efficient bus system, you know if efficiency is defined by stopping on every block and providing standing room only.

Needless to say, staying away from public transportation is cheaper, faster, and more fun than a San Francisco trolley. Why not ride a folding bike? Even with smaller wheels, you'll move much faster than a subway or bus, and when you get to work, you can fold up your bike and bring it inside. The Brompton folding bike is the smallest folding bike available, and can easily fit under your desk.

Subways are crowded "But I have to wear a suit to work! I can't show up all sweaty and disgusting! Maybe I'll stick with the subway." Fear not! Electric Bikes are here to save the day! With a pedal-assist motor, you can easily ride this bike without breaking a sweat. If you want a workout, just turn the bike off on the way home and use it as a standard bicycle!

This is all wonderful for urban commuters that live in the city, but what about the hundreds of commuters from out of state? The Metro North travels as far as Connecticut! One solution is the Xootr kick scooter. Made for commuting, this scooter is fast and durable. When you get to the train, just fold it up and carry it on with you. It's the best way to get to and from the train, in less than half the time it takes to walk!

Urban commuting can be tedious, uncomfortable, and boring, but it can also be fun, fast, and healthy. There are also benefits like the Commuter Check - a monthly voucher granted to bike commuters that can be applied here at NYCeWheels! Do yourself and the environment a favor - get some wheels!

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