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  • EP-SC-ETW-Booster-BK
How do you make an electric scooter powerful, lightweight, and long range? Uscooter's solution:... more


Product information "Uscooter Booster Plus"
Get ready for a ride into the future! The E-Twow Booster uses what we refer to as infinite energy technology - where the vehicle not only moves the rider, it also recharges itself as you ride. The amazing scooter makes use of breakthroughs in regenerative braking and lithium battery technology to turn the act of slowing the rider into recharging the battery. One lever for go, one lever for stop, this is the one scooter to take you wherever you want to go!

How do you make an electric scooter powerful, lightweight, and long range? Uscooter's solution: make it recharge itself as you slow down! With one lever for go an one lever for stop, the E-Twow Booster combines an impressive range with a powerful motor in one neatly folding, lightweight package. Plus, it's got impressively smooth front and rear suspension for a nice smooth ride.

This scooter is hugely popular around the world and available in the US for the first time ever.

The Uscooter E-Twow Booster Plus:

  • Perfect for commuters, students, and just plain fun!
  • Unique magnetic braking system recharges battery as you slow down.
  • Weighs just 24lbs! 250 lb weight capacity.
  • Range of 8-10 miles. 2 hours to charge it fully.
  • Bonus: Flatless tires, integrated front light and horn
  • Did we mention this scooter has full suspension?


We did a range test of the E-Twow Booster, riding it home and back on a very very cold day. It managed 8.5 miles round trip without a recharge and still had juice left to run a few small errands in the neighborhood. That's pretty impressive considering the battery is only 33V 6.5Ah - not the largest battery ever. We can only conclude it's due to the amazing regenerative braking technology at the heart of the Booster.

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(14 Reviews)
14 Mar 2018

Used it for a week.

Used it for a week. Everything is great so far. The red reflectors on the side are really reflective though.

14 Jul 2017

My first scooter

I love it what can I say. Helpful people who let me test ride it first. Thanks guys and gals

26 Jun 2017

Brooklyn buster

The scooter runs up and down all streets in Park Slope and Windsor Terrace. Speeds 17+ MPH flat and 15MPH on heavy grades 13MPH on really steep inclines around town. I road this from NYC Wheels over the bklyn bridge with no problem all the way to top of Park Slope on 70% charge. Great suspension and maneuverability. Accelerator no so smooth. Easy to get used to it. So far so good 1 week later

12 Apr 2017

Uscooter Electric Scooter (E-Twow)

My first day of using the scooter, it was efficiently good, the breaks, the speed, the throttle, the make. Can do uphill of up to maybe 25% slope. It's a hybrid with it's regenerating brakes. I just hope it's waterproof because I have to use it on rainy Vancouver.

30 Mar 2017

Have three escooters

I have had a love affair with scooters...bought them, adapted them, made them. This general feeling was transferred to e-scooters when I bought an Ecoreco M3 from NYCEwheels. I have some hundreds of miles of NYC commuting on it. I like it BUT I like the E-twow even more. Why?
A biggie is weight: M3 at 34lbs and E-twow at 24lbs. No contest (both are many pounds lighter than my first escooters from Razor).
As much as being lighter is important, the E-twow also provides a smoother ride with its substantially larger wheels....better on rough surfaces like my commute over the Brooklyn Bridge from my home in Brooklyn to my office in SOHO. The M3 was a real shaker on the bridge boardwalk; the E-twow much less so. I am able to go to and from work on about one-half a charge. The bridge is a considerable hill in either direction...I help the motor by kicking on the upslopes in addition to using the motor. (I pass the slower bicycles with ease. one fellow stopped me with a "what is that? it is fast".). I weigh 185lbs and regularly carry 10-15 lbs of material in a backpack.
I also have a Genesis Hornet which is lighter than the other two at about 20lbs - not as powerful but very smooth ridng. Small wheels make for a ride like the M3.

24 Mar 2017


Last month i bought a sondors ebike. It got alot of attention and made alot of friends. It was a great ride but OMG it was heavy and awkward to take up steps , on the train , and scary when you have no where to lock it up. ... I sold it and got the uscooter. I will never go back to a ebike for my commute. I live in NY and zip down streets, bring it inside when i go to a store, or in a elevator, up stairs etc.. I can take it on the subway without causing a uproar. I love it. The other scooters this type are either too heavy or too light , too lite causing them to not have powerful enough moters. Dont get me wrong the uscooter isnt the lightest thing you will ever carry but you wont complain. get one ! you will love it

14 Feb 2017

Exactly what I wanted

Was looking for a tool/toy to make it back and forth from work, as well as other applications. We do a lot of sailing and sometime our slip is at the end of the marina, so the scooter is a great tool to zip across the dock. I will say that any significant incline slows the scooter to a crawl and if its not fully charged a prolonged, but gentler incline slows things down as well, but a slight push with your foot helps it along. I'd buy again.

8 Nov 2016


Love the scooter people at NYCE Wheels were great

17 Oct 2016

First day was fun!

Booster came ready to ride. Having a bit of trouble folding it down but I think I'll get the hang of it. Rides well and stops with the front brake OK. I'm a heavy guy (224) but it hauls me real well. So far so good.

17 Sep 2016

Amazing Performance!

The Scooter Electric Scooter by E-Twow is one of my best purchases in a while. Previously, I owned a conventional push scooter that was in a terrible, broken state. With my new electric one, I get to where i need to go in a fun, fast, and safe manner. The breaking system of the scooter is one of my favorite features in fact. It is so sensitive and responsive! The scooter is overall in my eyes is a must buy.

5 Apr 2016

Smile Factor and Time Saver

From my initial inspection, this is a well made electric scooter that feels solid and has a modern slim design.

From demo riding this scooter and the Eco Reco, I knew I wanted the E-twow booster. If for nothing else than the lighter weight, this scooter is better.

The scooter has a full function LED screen that fits with its narrow profile. This give it a look that resembles a regular push scooter. That design is helpful if NYPD starts staring and noticing my scooter as I whiz by. If needed, I can forgo the electric assist and start pushing with my legs.
The 6 LED front headlight lets others know I'm coming and it does illuminate the path ahead somewhat. I didn't know this before I purchased it but it has a small red LED light towards the back of the rear fender/brake. When you use the front magnetic hand brake or the rear step brake it glows brighter like a vehicle brake light. Nice feature.

I don't find the throttle or hand brake excessively grabby or abrupt. There is a learning curve and you should accept some non-smooth acceleration or braking.
It's not an expensive sports car so I didn't expect such refinement.
It does fold up well so that I can stand it up and keep it along with my backpack between my legs when I ride the subway. NO "manspreading" here whether I have the scooter with me or not.

The dual suspension does smooth out the beautiful and well tax funded roads in NYC. The imaginary potholes and dips in the road are well navigated and forgiven with this scooter. It handles the sidewalk and road with confidence.

I'm getting the hang of collapsing the scooter with the red locking piece. I push the handlebars forward a touch and then push it with my foot.
Conversely, I'm learning how to raise the handlebars and make sure it locks into place. I've taken off with the handlebars not properly locked and I've been quickly stopped and had to raise the handlebars and push them forward aggressively.

As expected this does cut down the walking portion of my commute. Where walking took 10 minutes, I can cut that down to 4. On another route, as a pedestrian it takes 12 minutes, as a motorized pedestrian it now takes 5. Over time, that time savings will justify the initial expense of the scooter.

As a motorist that drives into the city, this will shorten the time it takes to go from the parking garage or parking space to your place of business.
It will also allow you to expand your choice or location of parking garage or parking space.

It's a game changer.

18 Mar 2016


I live in NYC and this scooter has changed my life. No more taxi's or subways, I just get on my Etwow in the morning ride downtown to my office, put it under my desk to charge and than ride it back home. I'm about 185 pounds and I get about 15-18 miles on a charge depending on the inclines. I used to have the Ecoreco but the weight and bulkiness to it was a problem. The 11 pounds lighter in weight and the power of the Etwow is why I went that way.The Etwow is only 23 pounds and with the optional handle I bought at Nyce Wheels it is so easy to carry. The power on the Booster model is like night and day compared to the Master model they used to sell. For the record the staff at Nyce Wheels are awesome and answered all my questions and concerns. Thanks again

17 Feb 2016

Does it push freely?

Can this scooter also be used as just a ''push scooter'' in case i want to use to exercise? Do the wheels spin freely if the motor is not engaged?

15 Feb 2016


Best folding e-scooter available. SO compact, 19 mph top speed, quick charging, decent range. No better way to get around the city...a life saver in the summer when the only easy options are the steamy subway or a Citibike swampass adventure. Also, nobody realizes it's electric so you can cruise on the sidewalk no problem ;) Go in for a test ride and you'll be hooked, the staff at Nycewheels is great






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