Using a BionX Electric Bike Kit to Its Full Potential

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Using a BionX Electric Bike Kit to Its Full Potential

We've been touting the BionX electric bike motor kit as the best electric conversion kit for bicycles for quite some time. We've spoken highly of its versatility, its excellent battery life, and its options for different riding styles. For someone looking to maximize the electric bike experience, BionX is perfect. However, there are a few people that are overwhelmed by BionX when first introduced. That is why we're going to outline some effective ways to use this unique system. With so many options, there is no wrong way to ride this electric bike kit, but these are some cool things that we like most about the system, as well as suggestions for any prospective BionX owner.

BionX Motor Assistance: Beat the Hills!

The BionX electric motor has a built-in torque sensor. This means that it knows exactly how much pressure is applied to the pedals. Level 1 is 25% assistance. One quarter power is ideal for the average rider. It's just enough to take some stress off the pedals, but the bike ride feel is still intact. Switching between Level 1 and Level 2 (50%) is perfect for a mostly flat commute. Worried about sweating during your morning commute? You'll still feel like you're riding a bike in these first two levels, but without the pit stains.

Kick into Level 3 and BionX gives you 100% assistance. This means your pedal power is matched by the electric motor. In Level 4, you'll get 200% assistance. Got a big hill blocking your way? Level 4 will tackle it with ease. While the upper levels give considerably more motor power, they will drain the battery quicker. We only recommend using them on large hills and switching back to Level 1 or Level 2 for flat riding. This will really help to maximize the range of the BionX kit.

The thumb throttle is arguably the best part about the entire BionX electric motor kit. A whopping 300% assistance, this little lever is disabled when the bike is at a standstill, and for good reason! When in motion, this boost can help the bike to get around cars, speed through a yellow light, or add an extra "oomph" to a steep hill. We love having the opportunity to push the thumb throttle, but it's not the sort of thing we hold in for extended periods of time. It's just too much power!

Regenerate the BionX Battery

That's right! Like those high-tech electric cars, the BionX electric bike can also regenerate battery life while riding. Like the assistance levels, there are four levels of regeneration. Level 1 provides a little bit of resistance, and will charge the battery only slightly. Level 4 is like riding a bicycle through deep gravel, but it will charge the battery the most! We recommend using Regenerative mode on downhill stretches, where the resistance is counterbalanced by the downhill grade. Long, flat rides in Level 1 or Level 2 regeneration can also help to extend the life of the BionX battery to thirty or forty miles on a single charge!

Of course, you don't have to leave the bike in regenerative mode to enjoy the regenerative braking. Every BionX kit has a special magnet built into the brake lever, so each time the rider pulls the brakes, regeneration kicks in. The best part about the electronic braking is that it doesn't wear down the mechanical brake pads!

We can suggest ways to ride the BionX electric motor kit, but the truth is, it's best to experience it for yourself. BionX is a truly unique system, customizable to fit almost any bike. Come check out the BionX electric motor kit at NYCeWheels and install one on a bike of your own!